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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Genoa City vs. Sharon!


Nick/Diane: The pair chat at Jimmy's about the issues Nick is facing regarding Sharon. Diane tells Nick to go to bat for his kids, even if it means taking Faith away from Sharon.  Later, Nick and Summer are at the bookstore when they bump into Diane and Kyle and decide to hang out. Nick later tells Phyllis he isn't thrilled she has Daisy as a house guest and wonders why she'd put the schemer ahead of Summer. Phyllis tells Nick she is looking out for her grandchild and wants Nick to keep Summer until Daisy has the baby.

Victoria/Nick: The Newman siblings are at war when Nick decides to jump Billy.

Cane: The Aussie's past starts to come out.

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Kevin/Chloe: Michael's little bro confesses his feelings to Chloe.

Ronan/Heather:  Ronanhas been hiding a deadly liver problem from everyone. Heather overhears that he needs at new liver, while with him at the hospital. 

The Fenmore sisters have a close moment.

Jack/Sharon/Adam:  Sharon decides to go see Jack, after Adam shares with her his suspicions that her ex had something to do with Skye's disappearance. When Jack realizes why she's visiting him, he tosses her tail out of his house, saying he's done with her. 

The rest of Genoa City vs. Sharon: Sucks to be Sharon.Noah blasts his mother over Adam, but it doesn't stop there. Ashley tears Sharon a new one, saying Sharon is a terrible mother for standing by the man who snatched her baby. Nikki  also gives Sharon a piece of her mind  for shacking up with Faith's kidnapper. Victor even calls up Sharon to light into her! Despite all of this, Sharon pulls a Tammy Wynette and stands by her man. Once Adam is released from jail the two check into the GCAC, but are booted out because of Adam. They head to a sleazy motel and hit the sheets. Later, Adam and Sharon wonder if Victor is the mastermind behind Skye fleeing the coop.

Daisy: She tries to hustle Phyllis, but doesn't realize who she's dealing with.

Phyllis/Sharon: The women get into a fight at Gloworm, that ends with them smearing each other in chocolate!