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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny continues to blackmail Lisa into helping with his gunshot, even though her concern is possibly losing her license. Lisa lets him know that she was wearing gloves when she was handling the syringe, so it wouldn’t have her fingerprints on it. But he reminds her that Maxie saw her and his story would back her up. Lisa goes ahead and stitches him up.

Patrick’s angrily yelling on the phone when Robin interrupts him, letting him know there’s no need for him to be angry that Lisa has moved on with Ethan. He says that he’s not angry and is happy for her if it’s true. He wonders why Robin cares, since she’s not in a hurry to work on their marriage. Robin feels that she has to put Emma’s needs first. Ethan overhears and insists that he’s not into Lisa, but Maya wants to know what’s going on. Ethan blames the lack of marital sex for any possible straying.

Jason decides that staking out the morgue is a good idea, but Sam disagrees, saying it would be silly to wait for someone to claim Alexander’s body. She doesn’t think that the Balkan will be drawn out. Dante thinks he has an idea on how to bring out the Balkan, and that’s to get a second autopsy. Jason tells him to clear it with Steve.

BraSon are making out and break a vase, which brings Spinelli and Carly running into the room, surprised to see Sonny there. Sonny tells Carly to stop sabotaging his relationship with Brenda and insists that nothing will keep him from being with her.

Carly tells Sonny not to be surprised if the relationship falls apart. He tells her that she’s always hated Brenda. Carly says it’s because Brenda uses Jason. Sonny says that’s her job and to live her own life. Carly insists that she doesn’t care who he sleeps with and storms out. Sonny tells Spinelli not to entertain Carly and her crazy plans.

Brason decide to go back to his place, which does not sit well with Spinelli. Before they leave, Suzanne arrives to take Brenda to an ASEC charity function. At first, Brenda doesn’t care, but Suzanne reminds her that it’s for kids. Sonny offers to be her date, but Suzanne doesn’t want them seen in public together. When Brenda heads upstairs to change, Sonny informs Suzanne that she shouldn’t try to use the charity to break him and Brenda up.

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Michael and Abby run into each other on the street and small talk, until one of Abby’s clients comes up, demanding attention from her. Michael gets angry at the manhandling and gets violent with the guy, who is injured. Michael stops Abby from calling paramedics and calls Jason. When Jason shows up, the guy recognizes him and agrees not to call the police. Sam takes Abby to work, while Jason tears a strip off of Michael for getting into trouble that could send him back to prison.

When Sam gets back, she and Jason discuss the situation. She’s fine with Michael and Abby hanging out, but Jason feels Michael shouldn’t be hanging out with a stripper.

Abby shows up at Michael’s and lets him know that he should have let her take care of the guy, that he tips well and she needs the money. Michael thinks she’s mad at him, but she says she isn’t.

An irate patient arrives in the ER, yelling and screaming, demanding attention. Robin tries to calm him down by introducing Steve and Patrick. Dante shows up to talk to Steven and, while in the waiting room, gets into a discussion with the irate patient. Steve tells Dante that he’ll go ahead and authorize the second autopsy.

Olivia shows up at Johnny’s as Lisa is finishing up, but she appears to be in a compromising position and, at first, Olivia assumes the worst. Johnny lets her. Olivia gives Lisa a verbal smack down and Lisa leaves. Johnny decides thathe and Olivia are done and she tells him to get up and give her a kiss goodbye, but he refuses. Olivia calls him out, telling him that Lisa is hung up on Patrick, which could only mean that she was there for medical reasons. She’s mad that he would break her heart on purpose and he admits that it would be easier to break up with her if she was hurt and angry with him. Johnny insists he won’t be changing his lifestyle anytime soon and she tells him that he won’t regret anything, since he won’t live long enough.

Maya comes on to Ethan, who’s quite eager, until she says that if he doesn’t tell her about Lisa, she’ll divorce him and he’ll lose the money. Ethan assures her that Lisa is interested in Johnny and he was just facilitating them. When Lisa heads back to the hospital, Ethan tells her that he’s in hot water with Maya and she explains to Maya that she’s not interested in Ethan.

Sonny shows up at Carly's to tear another strip off of her, but she says that he's addicted to Brenda and it will end badly which will break her heart.

Brenda calls Robin to ask her to get together the next day and Robin accepts before heading in to handle the irate patient.

Suzanne asks Dante to provide security for Brenda at the charity event. Brenda feels like it’s old times.