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One Life to Live Recap: Stranger In a Strange Land

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Charlie: If there is no repeat performance, then I will not tell Viki that we were kissing, okay? There’s no need for her to know that.

Dorian sees Charlie and Echo engaged in a kiss. Charlie stops Echo’s advance, but Echo begs for another chance with him. Charlie cares about Echo, but he’s in love with his wife. Echo thanks Charlie for his honesty, and knowing where she stands, she decides to leave Llanfair. Echo has been going through a rough time, and she doesn’t need to leave. Echo asks Charlie to forget the kiss ever happened, certain that Viki would immediately throw her out, and Charlie agrees.

Kelly bumps into Dorian, but Dorian can’t talk: she has to “save my friend, Viki.” Kelly is perplexed, and when she tries to persuade Dorian not to meddle in Viki’s relationship, Dorian and Kelly bicker about not having relationships of their own. Kelly reveals that she’s returning to her roots, and Dorian realizes Kelly means “Joe.” Kelly is suspicious, thinking that Dorian will take issue, but Dorian sincerely tells Kelly to go for it.

Joey shocks Aubrey, Viki, and Clint when he publicly and suddenly proposes. Viki and Clint think that Joey is moving too fast and acting rashly. Finally, Aubrey speaks up; she can’t marry Joey. While she cares about him, she doesn’t want to rush into anything. She encourages him to spend time with his parents and she goes into the bar.

Kelly runs into Aubrey and asks how the meeting went. Aubrey says that it was good for her, but probably not for her boyfriend’s parents. Aubrey asks Kelly to describe her guy; maybe Aubrey saw him in the dining room. Once Kelly walks away, Aubrey looks curious about the description Kelly offered.

Joey accuses Viki and Clint of ruining the proposal and causing Aubrey’s negative response, but they actually like her, thinking her thoughtful for not jumping into marriage. When Clint says that “marriage is sacred”, Dorian agrees. Clint tells Dorian not to get any ideas, but she promises that she and Joe are just good friends.

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Dorian needs a word with Viki, and after Joey ends the conversation, Viki follows Dorian to the terrace where Dorian reveals that she followed Charlie and Echo and she saw them kissing in the Llanfair library. Kelly sits down at Joey’s table, surprised to see Joey holding a diamond ring. In the bar, Aubrey calls her mystery friend and is happy: Joey proposed.

At the diner, John is reading “Know Your Child” when Natalie arrives and is amused by his worries. John tells Nat about the gift from Marty. When Natalie asks what the gift was, John says that Marty rescinded it, not wanting Natalie to misinterpret Marty’s intentions. Natalie finds Marty’s behavior weird.

Marty is at home telling Cole’s picture that her flash of conscience came because she realized that she couldn’t be responsible for robbing John of a child. He’s been too good of a friend. After Marty goes out, Rex breaks in and searches the house. Rex stumbles upon the copy of Natalie’s paternity test as Marty returns.

After reading “Nora’s” text, Bo determines that his wife has “lost her mind.” Inez believes that because of Nora’s feelings about her, Nora wouldn’t appreciate Bo and Inez talking about Bo and Nora’s marital issues. Bo tells her that his and Nora’s fight was about her, and Bo wants Inez to be prepared in case she runs into Nora. Bo reveals that Nora’s text suggests that Bo’s pride requires him to “even the score.”

Texts and running away are unlike Nora, but when Inez suggests that Nora isn’t in possession of her phone, Bo doesn’t think that makes sense. Bo decides to “return the favor”, but when Inez warns him against doing something rash and sending a message that can be misinterpreted, Bo chooses to bait Nora into returning home instead.

Nora realizes that Eddie texted Bo and she orders Eddie to read it. Nora muses that it doesn’t sound like her, but when Eddie says the name “Sam Rappaport,” Nora questions how he could know Sam’s name, let alone know the contents of her fight with Bo. Nora wonders why Eddie would want to break up Bo and Nora, insisting that Eddie would never have a shot with Nora. When she realizes that Bo probably told Inez about the fight, she wonders if Eddie is working with Inez. If not her, then whom?

A text from Bo! Bo’s message accuses Nora of acting no better than a teenager and being completely paranoid about Inez. Eddie shows a flash of concern when he realizes that Bo didn’t send his love; Bo “threw [Nora] to the wolves.” Nora looks heart-broken. Eddie re-tapes Nora’s mouth before leaving the motel room. Nora’s on her own in more ways than one.

Bo receives another message from “Nora”: Sleep with Inez.