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What Keeps Taylor and Brooke Sniffing After Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle is a thing of legend, but after all these years, it it certainly isn’t fresh. In a piece at, Sara Bibel tackles why Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) still act as if The Chiseled One (Ronn Moss) is the only man that keeps their hormones pumping.

As I screamed, “What are you, twelve?” at my television, I realized that may be the appeal of the triangle. Despite their decades of complicated history, Taylor and Brooke both still feel that Ridge is their Edward Cullen.

Their love for him is an intense and irrational as a teenager’s. It is not tempered by their experiences with him, experiences that should have taught them that he is far from perfect. On some level, the idea of being that excited about a man, putting him up on a pedestal despite even after messy break ups and raising children together, is appealing.

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