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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky’s surprised to see Siobhan in his hotel room. She quickly lets him know that Agent Bates told her where he was and that she’s going to help him. He claims he doesn’t need it because he’ll just be worried about her safety. In turn, Siobhan threatens to call all the Spencer’s one by one and have them show up to help Lucky, so he agrees to let her help. She says she’ll provide a distraction to proposition the maid to help them while he’s in the bank, which doesn't please him in the least bit.

Brenda apologizes to Dante for asking to have him removed from her protection service and after some chitchat; they head out to her charity function. In the limo, she asks him about Lulu and they continue talking, until she breaks her shoe. Dante stops the car and asks a random woman walking by for her shoes. Later, they return to the penthouse and Brenda thanks Dante again. He begins to tell her that in Manhattan he was interested in her, but she gets a call from Sonny and cuts him off.


Abby informs Michael that the guy wasn't going to hurt her and insists that he can't attack all of her customers. However, Michael feels the guy had no right to treat her in that fashion and he knows what it's like to be manhandled from being in prison. Abby says she’s not being forced and that’s the difference. She tells him not cut himself off from those around him.

Kristina arrives and wonders if Abby is a friend of Dante’s. Abby leaves and Kristina questions Michael about Abby. She is not happy to find out that she’s a stripper. Kristina tells Michael that Abby is only interested in him for his money.

Robin lets Huffman know that he doesn’t have a tumor and is being released. He’s his cranky self until she mentions living in Paris, at which point he lights up and small talks with her. She feels badly for him, so she offers to set up a follow up appointment, but he asks if he can be admitted for observation and she allows him to stay for one night.

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Ethan stops by the Star to find an angry Luke, whose high rollers have left him high and dry. Ethan complains about the lack of marital bliss in his marriage. Tracy arrives, wondering why the Star is closed. Luke feeds her some bull about having a romantic evening with just the two of them, but she realizes his high rollers bailed on him. She reminds him he is to pay for the wedding, and insists again that it be at the Q mansion.

Maya arrives and kisses Ethan, who instantly says they should have sex, but quickly apologizes for that comment when Maya says she wants out of the marriage. She feels it’s interfering with everything in her life and is not worth the trouble. Ethan feels the whole thing is a good deal, referring to the money. It makes her angrier that he’s only after Edward’s millions and she storms off.

Tracy figures Edward will double cross Methan at some point and take the million dollars away. She begins to wonders why Edward seems so interested in Ethan in the first place. Luke also figures Edward is up to something.

Ethan catches up with Maya in the street and she explains that a player always breaks your heart and leaves, so she’s doing it first. He insists that he has no hidden agenda regarding the money and is actually beginning to care about her. They kiss.

Molly stops by the Quartermaine mansion to interview Edward for a project. Edward claims family matters most to him, but Molly points out that most of the Q clan doesn’t like him and wonders if he’s planning on making amends. Edward tells her about Maya and Ethan and how despite Ethan being a con artist, he wants the marriage to work. He thinks he can mould Ethan into running ELQ. Molly doesn’t see Ethan as the corporate type, but Edward figures he can influence Ethan if Methan stay married.

Luke pays Edward a visit and wonders what he’s got up his sleeve to get back at him.