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Is Clint Going Too Far on One Life to Live?

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Recently, Clint Buchanan has gone through a major shift in character. When I began watching OLTL in mid-2008, Clint seemed to have a shady side to him but it was nothing like it is now. At first, I really enjoyed Clint embracing his inner Asa Buchanan. However, over the past few weeks I feel like he’s starting to go a little overboard. I understand that Clint wants to get revenge on the people who have done him wrong, but does he have to so cruel about it? It’s one thing to get revenge on someone but it’s a whole other to do it so ruthlessly, so quickly.

Honestly, is it necessary for Clint to get revenge on everyone at the same time? I think one of the problems I’m having with Clint at the moment is that he’s doing too much at once. So far, he’s had David Vickers thrown in a foreign prison, changed two paternity test results, had his brother’s wife kidnapped, deliberately sent a woman to seduce his brother, and told more lies than devil himself. I’d rather these vindictive actions be spread out so it doesn’t look like he’s in such a rush to get every one back. If the show doesn’t slow Clint’s revenge down a good bit, the character could get written into a corner. I know there are exceptions to the rule currently thriving on daytime, but I fear this unfortunate fate could happen to Clint.


This circumstance also brings about the question of when will he get caught? I understand that this show needs some way to fill the Asa void and Clint has been doing a great job so far. However, as his actions start to get out of control it could cause some serious redemption problems. Don’t get me wrong. I love my soap villains, but I come from the world of Bill Bell, where villains get their comeuppance in a timely fashion. I just hope Ron C. and company can find a way to redeem Clint for all of his dastardly actions because it’s going to be difficult.

Nevertheless, Clint going off the deep end has finally given Jerry verDorn some material to truly shine. He portrays a vengeful Clint with a poker face, a calm voice, and a certain smirk that can only spell upcoming disaster. The way verDorn makes Clint almost emotionless while doing some pretty despicable things is a nice touch to the degree of Clint’s “I don’t care” attitude. It’s been an exciting ride to see how verDorn can make Clint “that” much more cold. I love seeing a veteran actor in a story with several other veterans on the front burner, where they belong. With the acting being on this level, I can only aspire that the writing for Clint’s new personality doesn’t cross too far over to the dark side in the future.

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