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One Life to Live Recap: Understand The Dream Is Over

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Editor's Note: Sorry Cory's insanely-addictive OLTL recap is a bit late today. I had a sleep study last night. I had more electrodes and gadgets attached to me than Messica Buchanan when Mitch Laurence comes to town!

Your very ex-girlfriend throws herself at you, and I’m supposed to take the high road! How would you like it if I moved Clint in here and started kissing him?

Dorian tells Viki that she witnessed Charlie and Echo kissing, but Viki is disbelieving, insisting that Dorian must be mistaken. Dorian encourages Viki to face the truth by casually asking her husband what transpired. Dorian says that if Charlie is honest, Viki can ease her concerns by tossing out Echo. Though irritated, Viki takes Dorian’s advice.

Charlie tells Echo that the kiss is “our secret” as Brody enters the room. Brody questions the secret and Echo lies, saying that Charlie agreed to keep her drunkenness under wraps. Brody and Charlie help Echo upstairs. Back downstairs, Charlie defends Echo, but Brody asks Charlie if having Echo around is smart. Brody wants a marriage like Viki and Charlie’s with Jessica.

Viki comes home, asking to speak to Charlie, and Brody goes upstairs. Viki asks what happened with Echo. When Charlie omits the kiss, Viki reveals what Dorian saw. Charlie confirms the allegation. Viki is saddened to realized that Charlie wasn’t going to tell her. Charlie insists that the kiss was meaningless, but Viki believes that Charlie is blind to the situation.

Echo overhears Charlie vow that no kiss will ever happen again. Viki agrees to let this go, but she’s certain she’ll regret it. Charlie jokes about his allure, but Viki isn’t remotely charmed. Charlie asks if Viki still loves him; of course she does, which is why she’s so upset.

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Rex finds Natalie’s paternity results, but he’s forced to hide under the table when Marty comes home. Marty goes into the other room and Rex slips out the door, but not before snapping a picture of the results. Marty reads a letter from the board stating that she will retain her job, but she’s on indefinite probation. Marty leaves a message for Starr about how they need each other right now and Marty really needs to see Hope. Marty tells Cole’s picture that Brody threatened her, so Marty will need to play things carefully in the meantime.

A nude model arrives to art class. Langston salivates, but Starr isn’t impressed; she’s worried about James’ whereabouts. Langston encourages Starr to call James, insisting that Starr ignore Marty’s accusations. Langston fantasizes that the model is Ford.

Rex races in and pulls Gigi into the hall, telling her that he found Natalie’s paternity results in Marty’s house. Gigi dismisses class, and Starr and Langston decide to go to a kickboxing class. Rex believes that the results are a forgery, but if revenge is Marty’s motive, then a forgery is moot. Gigi encourages Rex to talk to Natalie. Later, Gigi realizes that Rex can’t clue in Brody, and she bolts from the classroom. At Llanfair, Brody opens the door to Rex; he’s looking for Nat, but his information involves Brody too.

James is using a gym punching bag when Eddie arrives. James wonders why Eddie hasn’t left town, and Eddie claims it’s because he got a freelance type of job. Eddie taunts James into a boxing match. Eddie gets in a couple of punches before James decks him.

Ford approaches Aubrey in the bar, recognizing her from their European fling in 2008. Aubrey reveals that there is a new man in her life who is from Llanview. Ford says that he’s changed his ways, but Aubrey is skeptical. They hug goodbye as Dorian enters. She demands answers from Ford. Is Aubrey is someone with whom Ford used to have sex? Dorian believes that Ford will hurt Langston, but Ford says that Dorian is wrong. “I’m never wrong about men like you.” Dorian promises to hurt Ford if he hurts Langston. Dorian leaves Viki a message, asking for an update, as she very pointedly cracks open a walnut.

Starr and Langston arrive at the gym, and seeing James, Starr calls out his name. James is distracted and Eddie sucker punches him. Langston calls Ford, telling him to come immediately. Ford arrives and challenges Eddie to a ten-round match wherein if Ford wins, Eddie is to leave town for good.

Kelly asks Joey if he’s proposing, but he tells her that she misunderstands. The ring is for someone else, and he questions whether it’s that much of a surprise. Yes, seeing as Kevin recently told Kelly that Joey was single. Joey claims love at first sight, but his proposal was ruined when his parents freaked. If only Kelly had been there to be his “wingman.” Kelly agrees that it’s too soon. Joey harangues Kelly, but she insists that she’s on his side.

Kelly is surprised when Aubrey arrives. Aubrey tells Joey that Kelly is the woman from the plane as Joey reveals that Kelly is his ex and best friend. Aubrey is shocked to realize that Joey is the man Kelly loves. Joey proposes again and Aubrey happily accepts. Aubrey asks Joey to get champagne, and once alone, Aubrey asks Kelly if she’s going to interfere.