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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke wonders what Edward wants with Ethan and why he’s paying him to stay with Maya. Edward feeds him a story about regret, having made too many mistakes with Mary Mae. Luke doesn’t buy it and feels that Edward has ulterior motives. Maya, Ethan and Lulu arrive, summoned by Tracy, who’s trying to finalize her wedding plans. She announces that Lulu and Lucky will be maid of honour and best man, which means Methan are also in the wedding party.

Edward complains about Methan`s living arrangements and tells them they must live together for the whole year or the deal is off. Tracy reminds Luke that he hasn’t signed the prenup and informs him that if anything goes wrong with the wedding, it will be on his head, which Luke isn’t happy about. Lulu tells him to be supportive of Tracy.

Lulu wants to talk to her father, and questions why Luke hates Dante. Luke says it’s because he’s not happy that Dante is a cop, but Lulu digs deeper and Luke says Dante is an adrenaline junkie with an addiction and, while he and Tracy have made peace with who they are, he wonders whether she’s made peace with Dante’s profession and the real possibility that taking chances everyday could kill him.

Huffman continues to be irate to hospital staff and Patrick wonders why he’s in the hospital, since there’s nothing wrong with him. Steve says it was Robin’s idea. Robin tells Patrick that she feels Huffman is just lonely and that she feels sorry for him. Patrick feels that he’s just looking for attention, and Steve says he’ll be discharged in the morning.

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Huffman lets Robin know that he overheard her say he was lonely and Robin reminds him that there’s nothing wrong with him. He lets her know that he lost someone unexpectedly and not to take people for granted. Robin remembers that next time she’s talking to Patrick.

Michael is angry that Kristina is bad mouthing Abby. She feels that he can do better, but he reminds her that he can’t, since he’s been in prison and that he can talk to Abby. Kris feels he can talk to her, but she’s not changing his mind, so she leaves. Abby comes back and talk turns to his plans after his parole is done. He says he wants to travel. She mentions not having money to travel, and Michael offers her money to spend time with him, since he scared her customer away. Abby is insulted and leaves.

Brenda says Dante can leave since Sonny’s coming over, but before he goes, she says she wants to try to help him build a relationship with his father, which Dante is not interested in. She makes a lot of comparisons between the two men, which Dante dismisses, saying he and his father are on opposite sides of the law. Dante feels that Sonny leaves a lot of destruction in his wake, but she insists that he just has flaws.

When Sonny arrives, Dante heads out to Jake’s to drown his sorrows in alcohol. He natters on to Coleman about the one that got away and how he should have told her how he felt at the time. He felt the past would stay in the past, only it’s come back to haunt him. Coleman calls Michael to come pick up Dante.

Dante confides in Michael that he had feelings for Brenda, but moved on and is now in love with Lulu.

Lucky and Siobhan go over their plan. They’ll go into the bank together, but she’ll switch hats with the room service girl to throw the Balkan’s men off their scent. They make love and Lucky wakes up as she’s leaving. She says she’s getting them breakfast, but really she’s meeting someone in a dark alley, to let him know their plan.

Diane drops by Sonny’s and interrupts him and Brenda and, while she admires Brenda, she feels that Brenda is a complication for Sonny, and will cause legal problems because of the Claire thing. After she leaves, Brenda questions whether it’s a problem that Sonny is with her, has second thoughts and leaves.