One Life to Live Recap: Mama Said Knock You Out


Matthew: So you and Mom get into a fight and then you’re in here cozying up with Nate’s mom? That’s real nice, Dad. Real nice.

At the station, Inez asks if Bo's heard from Nora. He hasn't, and she comfortingly places her hand over his when Matthew enters. Inez leaves and Matthew asks Bo to sign a permission slip allowing him to skip his last school period. Bo takes issue with Matthew wanting to spend more time at B.E. Matthew will just ask Nora, but Bo reveals that he has no idea where Nora is. Matthew asks what happened, and Bo says that he and Nora had a fight, but the specifics are between husband and wife. Matthew can't believe that Bo isn't looking for Nora, but Bo thinks that's a bad idea.

Matthew storms out, and Bo tells Inez that Bo is bothered by Matthew's attitude, certain that it comes from Clint's influence. Inez gets a call about the boxing match between Eddie and Ford and shares the information with Bo. Inez calls Clint and tells him their deal is off. Clint orders Inez to seduce Bo by morning, promising that Eddie will be gone when Inez completes her task. Inez fears that Clint has done something to Nora. Crying, Inez bumps into John. She wants to talk to someone, so John gives her Marty's name.

Clint barrels into his office, griping to Vimal about another gold-digger after the Buchanan fortune. Vimal wants Clint to give credit where credit is due, and asks about his promotion. He dismisses Vimal as Matthew arrives. Matthew informs Clint of Nora's disappearance and Clint says that Bo must be worried sick. Clint is discreetly pleased that Bo doesn't seem at all concerned.

Matthew reveals that he saw Bo getting friendly with Inez, and he says that Bo wouldn't sign his permission slip. Matthew wonders if he should have Vimal fake it like he forged the hospital key card. Matthew demands that Clint not treat him like an idiot and reveals that he knows Clint is Rex's father.

Ford reiterates his challenge: ten rounds in the ring. Ford is confident that he can win, and after grilling Eddie about why he's staying in town, Eddie agrees to the fight. Eddie wants to wait, however, until they can draw a crowd and he leaves. Langston, James, and Starr freak out when they discover that Ford has never boxed before.

After being apprised of the situation, Bo says that the fight isn't illegal, but as a father, Bo takes issue. Ford is appreciative. James reveals to Starr that when he was fighting Eddie, he genuinely wanted to kill him. Bo's uniform informs Bo that Eddie's car is not at the apartment. Where did Eddie go?

Natalie tells John she’s leaving work, but first she needs to discuss something unpleasant with him: Lamaze. John promises to be there, even though Natalie will sound like a “drunken sailor.” She insists that she will be worse.

Before Rex can share the paternity results with Brody, Gigi arrives and stops Rex. After Brody leaves, Rex insists that Brody needs to know his name was forged. Rex finally wonders if Brody really is the father of Natalie's baby. Natalie comes home and when Rex asks her if Brody fathered her child, Natalie blasts Gigi for saying anything. Both Gigi and Rex promise Natalie that Gigi kept Nat's secret and Nat apologizes.

Rex is sympathetic, knowing that Natalie's been going through hell. Natalie shares everything with Rex, including the recent lie to Brody to alleviate his guilt. Natalie asks where the results came from and Rex reveals that he found the copy at Marty's house.

Alone in the motel room, Nora struggles against her ropes as her mind races through the events of the day. Nora looks at the television and gets an idea. She hops the chair over to the bed, removes her shoes, and uses her feet to pull the remote control to the floor. Using her toes, she turns on the television and turns the volume to full blast. Eventually, the manager starts banging on the door. Eddie returns, pissed at Nora's efforts. After he turns off the televsion, he tells her about his upcoming fight, threatening to practice on her. Eddie is tying Nora's legs to the chair as another loud knock on the door happens. It's Brody, who was dispatched by John.

Kelly tells Joey that she is in love with her ex. Joey panics, thinking she means him, but she says no; it’s Kevin. Joey decides to call his brother, but Kelly stops him. Joey steps away to call Viki instead, and Aubrey is impressed; Kelly was very convincing. Aubrey promises that she won’t say anything to Joey, not wanting to humiliate Kelly, and she encourages Kelly to truly pursue Kevin. Joey returns, telling Aubrey that she has the “Viki Banks Seal of Approval.” Joey and Aubrey retire to the room as Kelly runs out onto the terrace in tears.