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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason summons Steve to the penthouse to ask about the second autopsy. Steve’s not happy to be dealing with the mob, but lets Jason know when and where the body will be released.

Siobhan’s on the phone, finalizing the plans with the Balkan’s man, when Lucky walks in, so she quickly pretends she’s arguing with her sister. Lucky lets her know that it’s not too late to back out, since it’s his job to stop the Balkan, but she says he needs her.

When the room service girl arrives, they go over the plan. Lubhan head out to the bank; the woman comes out; the Balkan’s men follow her and get the envelope and Lubhan head back to their room. Siobhan’s thrilled that the plan went smoothly, but Lucky’s worried that it went so smoothly. They pay off the room service girl and open the envelope to find pictures of Alexander, Alexander and Brenda, and Brenda and Dante.

Sonny orders his men to get candies and a robe for Brenda, but Max complains about not being respectful to someone else. He goes off on a tangent about Carly and other women being paraded through Sonny’s house. Sonny gets angry, because his employees shouldn’t be commenting on his personal life.

Dante wakes up hung over and discusses Brenda with Michael. He insists thar he’s in love with Lulu and Michael reminds him that Brenda’s in love with Sonny. Michael mentions how BraSon getting back together will piss off his mother, that Sonny has bounced from woman to woman trying to find the same happiness as CarJax. Dante wonders if he should tell Brenda how he feels.

When Lulu arrives, Michael heads out and Lulu wonders what caused Dante to get drunk. He says he wants to be honest with her, but instead of telling her his feelings for Brenda, he natters on about always letting Sonny off the hook and how it’s time Sonny paid for his crimes.

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Dante pays Sonny a visit and small talk about Brenda. Sonny tells him to take the night off because he’ll be with Brenda. Dante wonders if they’re back together just because it’s familiar, but Sonny wants to take a chance.

Micheal meets with Abby to apologize for offering her money. She knows that she must have pushed his buttons and gets upset that people think she’s a hooker, when all she’s doing is dancing for college money. Talk turns to Dante and his drunken binge and Michael tells Abby that Dante used to be in love with Brenda. Lulu overhears.

Lisa’s checking on Johnny’s wounds and mentions again that he could die from an infection. He reminds her he has the proof against her and he left it with his lawyer in case he dies. Lisa assures him she won’t let him die, and he asks her to swipe some antibiotics for him.

Teddy’s being annoying for the third day in a row and Patrick wants him discharged, since there’s nothing wrong with him, but Robin says no one is in need of the room, that he has a ton of insurance and he should be allowed to stay.

Steven lets Nikolas know that he’s thinking of extending Lisa’s probation, but Nik feels she’s paid her dues and should no longer be punished. Robin asks Steve for permission to keep Teddy in an extra night. Teddy calls Lisa up from the ER to complain about his lack of treatment and she says she doesn’t see anything in his tests.

Robin lets Teddy know that he can stay another night for more tests. Lisa steals a bottle of pills from the medicine cart, conveniently sitting in the hall, and Robin calls her out.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s, but he’s not interested in what she has to say. She says she’s worried about him and the fallout should things end badly between him and Brenda. Jason shows up and Carly says she’s trying to save Sonny from spiraling out of control and then storms off. Sonny asks Jason’s opinion, but he doesn’t have one, other than agreeing with Carly that it won’t be pretty if the poop hits the fan. Sonny’s determined to take a leap of faith with Brenda and not let fear stop him.

When Jason gets home, Carly storms in with her rant. Jason figures it’s neither of their business, but Carly again reminds him what happens when Sonny implodes. Jason reminds her she has no proof of an affair between Dante and Brenda and that she’s just still angry at Dante. She says Dante deserves whatever’s coming to him, which he’s fine with, but he reminds her of what that will do to Michael. Carly asks him to help her find the truth and says that when she does, she won’t keep it to herself.