One Life to Live Recap: Cat's In The Cradle


Natalie: I know exactly what you’re up to, you little bitch, and I will not let you ruin my life!

Natalie freaks when she realizes that Marty wrapped the test results in the gift box for John. Natalie decides that she needs to confront Marty, and she promises Rex that she will stay calm.

Charlie comes home, and when Rex explains his presence at Llanfair, Charlie deems it unnecessary; Rex is family. Charlie informs Rex of Echo’s drunken lunch, telling Rex that everything is weighing heavily on Echo. Rex has to get home to Shane, and Charlie offers to watch Shane anytime. Rex reveals that Shane wants to call him “Grandpa”, and Charlie asks if Rex will call him “Dad”.

Inez goes to see Marty. She reveals that she’s about to do something horrible to a man she cares about. Marty insists that Inez needs sleep, as that will help her make a better decision. She says that she’s being manipulated by a very powerful man, and that she has to follow through with the plan for her own family.

Natalie bursts into Marty’s office, and Inez decides to leave. Marty writes Inez a prescription, and then blasts Natalie for interrupting. Natalie unveils the paternity results and informs Marty that they were found in Marty’s house. Marty is outraged, but when Natalie threatens Marty, Marty taunts that she should call John or Brody. Natalie is sick of Marty blaming her for everything, and when the argument escalates, Natalie slaps Marty.

Ford tells Bo that the fight is the only way to get rid of Eddie, but Bo wonders what will happen if Ford loses. Starr calls in a secret weapon: former professional boxer, Cristian, who wants to help because he’s disturbed by what Eddie did to James. Cristian thinks they have time, but Ford reveals that they only have hours. When Ford says that Eddie used to be in a fight club, Cris is sure that Eddie will fight dirty.

Brody knocks on the motel room door, and Eddie threateningly hushes Nora when she tries to scream through the tape. Eddie goes outside, telling Brody that the apartment was too crowded and he’s there with a woman. Brody warns Eddie against the noise and leaves. Eddie tells Nora that she’s going to “pay for that stunt.”

Brody calls Bo; there was nothing in plain view, so he couldn’t enter Eddie’s room. Bo asks Brody to go to Rourke’s Gym in plain clothes and keep an unofficial eye on the fight.

Brody arrives at Rourke’s. As Ford and Cris practice, it’s clear that Ford is a terrible boxer as Cristian drops Ford a few times. Brody steps in and Ford shadowboxes Cris and Brody, trying to absorb their moves. James tells Starr that if Ford loses, he’ll get rid of Eddie himself.

Eddie decides to send Bo another text. When Nora asks what “I” said to Bo, Eddie tells her that “she” told Bo to sleep with Inez. Nora knows Bo would never cheat, but Eddie taunts her that Bo may be cheating right this moment. Eddie kneels in between Nora’s legs, insinuating that Bo and Inez shouldn’t have all the fun. Nora is scared.

Clint confirms Matthew’s assertion that Clint is Rex’s father. Matthew wonders why Clint would lie, and Clint says it’s because Rex is a proven golddigger. With Charlie being Rex’s father, everybody wins. Matthew thinks that Bo would like to have Rex as family, but Clint manipulates Matthew by saying that Bo treats Rex more like a son than he treats Matthew.

Matthew doesn’t think that Rex would hurt the family, but Clint insists that there are no guarantees. Matthew decides to tell Bo the truth, but Clint says that Bo doesn’t respect Matthew, as Bo is currently keeping things from his son. Matthew demands answers and Clint reveals that Inez’s attraction to Bo has led to an actual affair. Matthew is dumbfounded.

Nate and Dani talk about Eddie, and Nate says that he never expected how bad Eddie is. The discussion turns to sex, and Nate assures Dani that he’s not in any rush. Bo shows up to ask Nate to talk Ford out of fighting Eddie. Bo and Nate both agree that the fight won’t accomplish any good.

Inez comes home as Nate and Dani leave for the library. Bo decides to go back to the station because with Nora gone, he can catch up on work. Inez asks him to stay for a beer and Bo agrees. Inez is getting drinks when Bo receives another text from “Nora” asking whether or not he’s yet slept with Inez. Inez reads her prescription and discovers that the medication is not compatible with alcohol. She nervously contemplates drugging Bo.