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Will Peter Garrett Survive on The Bay?

The increasingly-addictive web sudser The Bay returned this week with the first episode of its third chapter. When we last saw Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) and Co. A crazed madman, who looked a lot like Carl from Another World, was shot while threatening everyone at Brian Nelson's (Dylan Bruce) engagement party with a bomb. Turns out the bomb was a fake, but the cap busted on bat shit crazy Igor (Camden Toy) was all-too-real.

Was Bri-Bri really giving Igor something he could feel? If so, ew!  Speaking of Brian, why did Isabella Sanders (Claire-Louise Sedgley) find pictures of him seemingly raping her? I bet her daddy, policeman Elliot Sanders (Charles Shaughnessy) ,won't react too kindly to that little discovery! 


What about Peter (Kristos Andrews)? The youngest Garrett had some kind of fit during the last installment. Will Dr. Keith Campbell (Real Andrews) be able to save his life? I guess you'll have to watch the episode below to find out!

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