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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin claims Lisa stole medication and insists on having her pockets checked. Steve questions whether she wants to make that claim, but Theo comes to Robin’s defense and says he saw Lisa take the meds as well, and put them in her left coat pocket. Since it’s not just Robin’s word against hers, Lisa comes clean and claims her housekeeper’s niece has an infection and needs the meds but is illegal, so Lisa swiped them. Steve allows her to get away with it but tells her to produce the patient.

Patrick thanks Theo for defending Robin, but Theo tears a strip off of him for not being more supportive of Robin. Sam stops by the hospital on a cheating case and asks Patrick his opinion, since it’s a co-worker. Patrick says he’s the wrong person to ask, since he cheated on Robin.


Robin tells Theo the whole Lisa story and he wonders why a woman of her intelligence would sit back and allow Lisa to ride roughshod on her. Robin feels Lisa belongs in prison or a mental hospital, but Theo tells her she needs to focus more on Patrick and either continue to play the martyr or dump his sorry butt, neither of which Robin seems ready to do.

Lucky discusses the case with Siobhan, letting her know that Brenda shot the Balkan’s son and that’s he’s after her. He also tells her the body is having a second autopsy, and then will be released, so the Balkan will claim it. He tries to leave to meet with Bates, but she distracts him by making love. When they’re done, he leaves and she calls the Balkan’s man to tell him about the body being released.

In soap opera magic, Lulu didn’t hear Michael proclaim Dante’s love for Brenda, despite being only a few feet away. She’s introduces herself to Abby and offers to have a get together with four of them. When Lulu leaves, Michael decides he should tell Sonny the truth about Dante’s feelings.

Dante’s not interested in Sonny’s proclamations of love for Brenda. Sonny thinks it’s because Dante still doesn’t want a father/son relationship. He just wants to share his happiness with his son. Dante wonders if the newness will eventually wear off and tells Sonny that Brenda is special and to be careful with her.

Sonny meets with Michael, who chickens out of saying anything about Dante but does wonder if his father and Brenda will love each other too much, like before. Sonny thinks Carly put him up to it, but says he wants a second chance with Brenda.

Jason asks Carly to stop whatever her plans are and to think of Michael. Sonny drops by to pick up Brenda and asks Jason’s’ opinion. Jason says second chances rarely work out, but he had that chance with Sam and found love again, so he can’t judge Sonny and Brenda.

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Liz invites Nik to decorate her tree with the kids, but he has plans with Brooke, who was finally let out of the tunnels on Windermere. Liz is fake nice to Brooke, who’s fake nice right back, then she and Nik leave.

Liz tells Robin to be very sure before pushing Patrick away, because she pushed both Lucky and Nikolas away and they went. Liz goes on to say that even though she doesn’t need a man, she realized she took them for granted and now it’s all gone. Robin interrupts Sam and Patrick’s conversation to talk to him.

Olivia remembers her breakup with Johnny, when Dante shows up and wonders why she’s so upset and she lets him know. He admires that they tried to make it work and is sorry it didn’t work out. Dante heads over to Johnny’s, happy about the breakup, but Johnny just wants to get rid of Dante before passing out. Lisa shows up and Dante’s surprised to see her there.

Lisa gives Johnny the medication, but lets him know that she was caught stealing them and says she needs something from him. When Johnny asks what, she tells him she needs a female illegal with an infection that requires antibiotics.

Steve runs into Olivia on the docks and complains about his lot in life and how he’s tired of refereeing everyone. She commiserates with him and they make googly eyes at each other.

Michael and Abby meet at Kelly’s and he admits he couldn’t tell Sonny about Dante because his dad is happy right now. He gets over his shyness and asks her out on a date and she accepts. Carly walks in and wonders who Michael’s new friend is.

Dante meets with Jason, who tells him what Lucky found out, but Dante’s distracted and admits his thoughts are elsewhere.

Sonny brings Brenda to a new house that’s just for them.