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One Life to Live Recap: Pull My Strings

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Marty: And you? You deserve to lose everything, just like me.

Natalie slaps Marty, and when Marty tries to retaliate, Natalie stops her, vowing to kick Marty’s ass. Natalie is sorry about Cole, and while both women agree that John has been hurt enough, Marty insists that Natalie deserves to lose everything. Natalie reminds Marty that Marty is on probation, and she will be fired and thrown in jail should her actions come to light.

Marty only cares about Cole and it devastates her to see Cole fading away in prison. Natalie isn’t proud of her lies, but they are not a crime. Marty delights in Natalie never knowing when her world will come crashing down. Natalie says that Cole may have avoided his current predicament if Marty had been a better mother. Marty is unnerved when Natalie pledges to tell John the truth.

John shows up at Llanfair looking for Natalie. Rex subtly defends Natalie and tells John that Nat is terrified of failing John, but John insists that Natalie could never disappoint him. Rex has to investigate Eddie Ford, and John points Rex toward the Minuteman Motel. Eddie’s room should be empty because Eddie is at Rourke’s. John warns Rex that the roads are icy. Rex thanks John for loving his sister.

Natalie returns to Llanfair and tells John that she needs to talk to him. John has something special to discuss as well. John drops to one knee and proposes to a shocked Natalie.

Ford practices with Brody and Brody enjoys getting in a few shots. Taking a break, Langston says she’ll have sex with Ford if he walks away from the fight, and that makes Ford want to prove himself even more to her. Nate tells James that Team Ford should cheat.

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Matthew thinks Clint’s lying. Bo would never cheat on Nora, and Clint agrees, claiming that Bo could only do that with a good enough reason. Matthew deduces that Clint is claiming that Nora is cheating on Bo. Matthew thinks that Clint’s judgment is clouded, but Clint insists that Matthew call Nora immediately. Eddie answers, “Minuteman Motel and Pleasure Palace.” Matthew demands to speak to Nora, but Eddie says that she’s “tied up”, and quickly hangs up.

Matthew is upset and needs to leave. Clint is relieved when Matthew doesn’t care to out Clint’s secret about Rex. Alone, Clint seems upset about involving Matthew, but believes he had no choice. He looks at a picture of himself and Bo in happier times and closes his eyes. Guilt?

Eddie is sexually threatening Nora and she wonders if he’s going to rape her. Eddie slowly unbuttons Nora’s jacket, as Nora demands that he get his hands off of her. When Eddie lasciviously stares at Nora’s breasts, she spits in his face. Before he can retaliate, Nora’s phone chimes. It’s another damning text from Bo. Eddie thinks that he’s getting to Bo, but Nora has faith otherwise.

Eddie runs his hands over Nora, but when she threatens him with jail, he grabs her by the hair. Her phone rings again, and Eddie tapes her mouth. After Eddie hangs up on Matthew, he says that he has to get to the fight. He turns on the radio, points the gun at Nora, and promises to “scratch [her] itch” when he returns. Alone, Nora cries. Later, Rex arrives and bangs on the door. Nora lets out muffled screams as Rex begins picking the lock.

Eddie arrives at the gym, ready to rumble. Eddie gets everyone riled up when he makes passes at Langston and Dani. Meanwhile, James sees the gun in Eddie’s gym bag and steals it. Eddie is confident that he can take on everyone, and still have enough stamina for all of the girls. Nate vows to take care of Eddie himself.

Eddie takes a call from Clint, who is pissed that Eddie left Nora alone in the motel. Clint orders Eddie to bring Nora to Inez’s apartment in twenty minutes or Eddie won’t get paid. Eddie tells the group that he needs to take a rain check. A brawl breaks out after Ford and James call Eddie a coward and a chicken.

Bo is upset by “Nora’s” recent text. He places his gun holster on the chair as Inez is in the kitchen getting drinks. She’s upset, but she breaks open two pills and adds them to Bo’s drink. Inez hands Bo his beer, and Bo chugs half of it. Bo grows increasingly tired and sleepily waxes on about how he shouldn’t have mentioned Sam because he knows that Nora’s actions were for him, given his issues after Drew died. Bo says he loves Nora and this crazy fighting isn’t them. Bo passes out.

Clint calls and orders Inez to “get it done.” Inez wakes up Bo, asking him to make love to her. Imagining and hearing Nora, Bo leans in for a kiss. Matthew arrives, and finding the door ajar, he enters and is shocked to see Bo and Inez in an embrace.