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One Life to Live Spoilers: Eddie Ford Bites The Dust!

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This week, a murder, a rescueand a terrible car accident rock the citizens of Llanview to the core. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of December 13.

Eddie and Ford's fight is quickly stopped when Brody and Nate break it up. Ford is hurt and Langston takes him to the hospital. Everyone leaves and James follows Eddie to his hotel. James aims a gun at Eddie. Meanwhile, Dani and Nate get a phone call from a panic-stricken Matthew. Nate convinces Dani to do nothing about it and keeps his focus on making Eddie permanently disappear. A short time later, Eddie winds up dead and the search for his killer begins with Brody being the first cop on the scene. Brody believes the clear suspects are Nate, James, Ford and Inez.


James feels the need to confess to Starr what really happened when he confronted Eddie with a gun. Starr asks James point blank if he killed Eddie. James tells Starr he wants to tell John the truth about his visit with his father, but Starr has a better idea. The duo visits Tea and asks for her advice before telling John. Starr manages to get Tea to represent James. The three of them head to the police station and James tells John that he thought about shooting his father, but chickened out. Who killed Eddie Ford?

Natalie/John: Natalie goes to tell John the truth about the baby, but John wants to speak first. John asks Natalie to marry him. She accepts and immediately begins to wonder if the engagement will only add fuel to Marty's fire to destroy her. Soon after, John and Natalie investigate Eddie murder. Natalie finds a red hair and an engraved cuff link with the initials “TM”. How will John and Natalie handle the investigation?

Blair/Tea/Todd: Blair attempts to give Tea the mysterious box Eli left for her. John shows up and tells them and Todd that Eddie Ford has been murdered. John asks Todd about the cuff link found at the scene of the crime but Todd swears he his innocent. When John leaves, Blair and Tea start questioning Todd about Eddie's murder. Todd continues to uphold his innocence. Is Todd being truthful about Eddie's murder?

Rex picks the lock to Eddie’s room and opens the door to discover Nora tied up. Rex unties her and they immediately attempt to contact Bo. However, Bo doesn't answer his phone because he's still knocked out from the drugs Inez gave him. At Inez’s apartment, a very upset Matthew leaves in a hurry. While behind the wheel of his car, he swerves and unknowingly forces a fleeing Rex and Nora off the road. Rex and Nora crash and Brody and Gigi discover Rex but not Nora. Nora is nowhere to be found. By this time, Bo is contacted about the murder and the accident. Inez lies to Bo and tells him that they slept together. Bo leaves to go to the scene but runs into Starr and James. He informs them that Eddie has been murdered. Bo arrives at the crash scene and speaks with Rex. Rex tells him Nora was in the car with him, and Bo frantically begins to search for her. Bo finds Nora's wedding ring and, still under the impression he slept with Inez, is suddenly wrought with guilt.

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Speaking of Inez, she goes go visit Clint, once she finds out that Clint didn't hold up his end of the deal. She tells Clint that she plans on telling Bo the truth, that they didn't sleep together. Clint informs Inez that if she confesses to Bo, he will tell the police that he saw one of her boys at the murder scene. Inez chooses to keep quiet for now. She returns home to an angry Nate, who found out from Matthew about her infidelity with Bo.

At the crash scene, Bo finds Nora. Nora can't remember a thing that happened after the accident. Bo gets Nora some help. Meanwhile, Rex is talking to Natalie about Nora's disappearance. Rex tells Natalie that Eddie kidnapped Nora to escalate the problems in Bo and Nora's marriage. Will Bo and Nora be able to work through this major bump in the road?

Viki/Echo/Charlie: Viki has it out with Echo about kissing Charlie. Later on, Charlie and Echo have an emotional moment while waiting for an update on Rex's condition. After they get the news, Echo asks Charlie to help her with her drinking problem. At the same time, Viki tells Dorian she is ready to team up with her to get Echo out of her life. Will Echo stand a chance against Viki and Dorian?

Joey/Aubrey/Kelly: Joey tells Jessica all about Aubrey as Dorian and Blair urge Kelly to tell Joey her true feelings. Aubrey is thankful that Viki seems very willing to accept her engagement to Joey. Aubrey confronts Joey about Kelly and asks if there is any lingering reason to be jealous of her. Joey assures her there is not. A little later, Kelly finally gets the guts to tell Joey she still loves him, but she ends up having another incident involving food. Will Kelly ever tell Joey how she feels?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (December 20th):

  • Nate is arrested.
  • Dorian has Echo arrested.
  • Clint gives Bo some advice.
  • Eddie murder investigation is in full swing.
  • Langston lies to John.
  • Todd believes Marty is setting him up.