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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Ends Up In Bed With Amber!

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Bill/Liam/Hope/Oliver/Amber: The Senior Spencer holds a press conference showing Liam off to the business world by having the L.A. Laker Girls attend. Bill decides to step up his plan to break up his son's relationship with Hope.

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Bill ruins the night for Hope when he announces his son as the world's most eligible men. Hope leaves the party and Amber decides to use this to her advantage. Meanwhile, Oliver follows Hope home and is a sounding board for her, while Amber gets Liam trashed and goes back to his place. The following day Liam is horrified as he wakes up in bed with Amber! 

The Forresters:
The family spends Christmas together with their new friends, but miss Bridget and Steffy.

Justin/Marcus/Donna: The trio have a sweet moment.

The Logan sisters head to Skid Row to track down Anthony. Brooke gives her friend a special Christmas present.

Aggie: She tells cousin Whip to watch his back with the Forresters.

Stephanie: La Forrester finds out C.J. has placed Insomnia on the market. Stephanie decides to buy it for Dayzee to operate as a place to help the homeless.