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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Vivian Plots Revenge!

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Vivian: Madam Alamain tries to show EJ the photo of Nicole. Later, she makes a shocking announcement and plots revenge on Nicole and Kate.

Maggie: The widow Horton is scared by Kate's demeanor.

The lovebirds steal a moment alone.

Jennifer: Ms. Deveraux frets for her cousin Hope, and Bo.

Hope/Bo: Brady busts his Fancy Face out of jail and the two go on the run.

He defends Nicole to Stefano. EJ drags Sami away from Johnny.

The Kiriakis heir finds out Nathan and Stephanie are leaving Salem.

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Rafe: He is appointed as the acting police commander.

EJ/Johnny/Sami: Rafe looks at his wedding photos and discovers a white spot in Johnny's eye. He decides to investigate the situation online and learns the ailment could be fatal. Rafe sets off for the DiMeras to speak with EJ about the picture and his concerns for Johnny's eye. At first, EJ thinks Rafe is trying to hustle him but knows he means business when he calls Lexi to come over.

EJ decides to bring Johnny to the hospital, so Lexi can examine him. Dr. Carver runs tests on little Johnny and EJ realizes the situation is serious. Meanwhile, Sami gets wind of what is going on and sets into a panic. She heads over to the hospital to find out what is going on with Johnny. EJ rips into Sami when he sees her and blames her for their little boy's condition, thinking it is a ploy to see him. EJ and Sami call a temporary cease-fire to focus their attention on Johnny's health. Later, EJ and Sami are crushed when they are informed of Johnny's diagnosis and break the news to the little boy. Later on, EJ and Sami share a close moment.

Daniel: Dr. Jonas finds out Bo left Carly for Hope. Meanwhile, Daniel performs surgery on Johnny's eye and is scared the cancer has already spread.

Jane: The warden tells Lee her plans.