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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lisa demands that Johnny help her out of her predicament, as he laughs at her for her request. He tells her she doesn’t make a very good “other” woman, but she gloats that she managed to get Patrick in bed. Lisa says Steven told her to bring in the patient as proof; otherwise she’ll be fired, but Johnny jokingly tells her that she can be his personal physician, something Lisa is not interested in. She’s tired of fending off Robin’s attacks and thinks that the way to Patrick’s heart is in the OR. She wants to be by Patrick’s side and won’t stop now. Lisa storms out. Johnny summons Ethan to his place.

Michael introduces Abby to his mother and Carly wonders who she is and how she and Michael met. Abby claims Michael is tutoring her, but Carly continues with her questions until Michael pulls her away and asks her not to embarrass him. He says Abby is a good friend who’s easy to talk to. Carly realizes that he clearly likes Abby, but she gives Abby an excuse and drags Michael away.

Jason wonders what Dante’s problem is and he questions how far Jason would go to protect Brenda. Dante wonders what would have happened if he’d told Brenda how he felt three years ago, but Jason asks what damage it would have caused. He explains how he and Liz hooked up when she was still married to Lucky, that it was wrong and even though Lucky has been gracious about it, he shouldn’t have acted on his feelings for Liz. Jason tells Dante not to tell Brenda the truth about his feelings and Dante says he made that choice three years ago and now has to live with it.

Jason and Dante go over the timeline again. They figure that the Balkan must realize that Brenda knows the truth about Alexander’s death and that he also likely must know about Dante’s involvement. Jason figures that the Balkan is after Dante as well. Steve shows up, annoyed to be helping the criminal element again, but lets them know that the lawyers for Alexander’s family have moved up the release of the body to tonight and tells them where.

Dante’s not happy to see Jason grab his gun, but Jason says if Jerry shows up, he needs something to defend himself. Dante tells him they’re only supposed to follow whoever claims the body and nothing more. Apparently Dante forgot what town he lives in.

Sonny wants to make up for lost time and Brenda admits she missed him all these years. They make love and it went on forever, even in fast forward mode. Afterwards, they wax poetic about their love and how they would have eventually found their way back to each other if it hadn’t happened this way. He starts talking about future plans, but she doesn’t want to hear it, because something usually goes wrong. Clearly, she is aware of what town she’s living in.

Luke’s bringing in high rollers and wants Ethan’s help in fleecing them out of their money so he can pay for the wedding Tracy wants. Lucky and Siobhan show up and Luke tries to talk him into some fleecing, but Lucky wonders if he’d be helping finance Luke’s next get away.

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Nik and Brook show up at The Star and make small talk with Lucky and Siobhan. When Brook admits that she’s Tracy’s granddaughter, Siobhan figures she’ll be going to the wedding and Brook wonders what wedding.

Tracy and Luke discuss the wedding and Luke wonders why they aren’t enjoying their engagement on a beach somewhere. Tracy tells him that she’s suffered enough from him and if he loved her, he’d suck it up.

Brook questions Tracy, who invites her to the wedding. Brook asks if she can bring Nikolas, but Luke says Lucky might have a problem with Nik being there. Brook bristles about why that would be, since Nikolas was so generous as to let Siobhan stay at Windemere before. I’m thinking that doesn’t negate the whole "sleeping with my fiancée and getting her pregnant" thing, Brook.

Luke and Lucky accept Nikolas being invited to the wedding. Siobhan wants Nik to repay Lucky’s graciousness by helping her find a way to get Lucky to quit the Balkan case. Lucky wonders if Luke is getting twitchy and warns Luke that if he’s thinking of running out before the wedding, that he’ll put him in lock up until the wedding. Tracy admits to Brook that she doesn’t think Luke will show up for the wedding.

Maxie wants Patrick and Robin to join her and Matt for dinner, but Robin’s not interested. Maxie gets on her ‘make up with Patrick because some other woman will grab him’ soapbox, but Robin wants to work on her problems on her own and Patrick begs Matt to back Maxie off, which he does.

Sam runs into Abby at Kelly’s and they talk about Michael. Sam tells her not to feel obligated to continue seeing him, but Abby says she’s enjoys Michael’s company and seems almost giddy like a schoolgirl.

When Michael returns to Kelly’s, Sam lets him know Abby just stepped out and will be back to meet him for their date. Michael tells her he thought Carly had scared Abby off. Sam mentions Abby being older than him, but he says he has nothing to say to girls his age and he can really talk to Abby. Sam tells him she’s willing to listen, but he says it’s not the same and thanks her for introducing Abby to him.

Lisa gets to work and Robin questions whether she brought her patient in. Lisa claims the woman is afraid of authority figures and refused to come in. Patrick feels that it’s just a bad excuse and Steven claims that stealing medication is wrong. Off the elevator comes a woman, thanking Lisa for getting the medication for her and Lisa realizes that Johnny came through for her.

Ethan questions why Johnny had him drop off some woman at the hospital and, when Johnny mentions Lisa, Ethan’s annoyed that he was pulled from the Star so Johnny could score points with Lisa. Johnny feels a grateful doctor in his pocket is useful.

Carly meets Abby on the pier and warns her off of Michael. Abby says she’d never hurt him and Carly says that she’s a good deal older and that whatever this is, stops now.

While Dante and Jason wait to see who’s going to claim the body, a car pulls up and Jerry steps out. Dante wonders if Jerry is the Balkan after all.