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General Hospital Spoilers: The Next Stunt Revealed!

Here’s the Scoop!

And here we go again… with the CGI. I'm sure Luke Kerr is giddy with anticipation. Regardless of how geeked out our pal Luke will be, it’s stunt time in Port Chuck and Michael Logan over at  TV Guide has tons of exclusive scoops on the bus crash heard around the seaside town. You better not pout, you better not cry, especially if you’re a child on the sudser. This tragedy is all for you.

The kiddos are on a trip to the snow country… with Olivia as their chaperone, as Carly has bailed. Joining Olivia, who winds up seriously injured, are Matt, Maxie and Steve. Michael, Kristina, Morgan, Molly and Cameron will be the key kids involved. Where’s Jake? In what may be the show’s first non-mob stunt ever – I kid, I kid, the carnival wasn’t either – the bus must divert from its original route due to bad weather and takes a nasty slip on some black ice. Look for a holiday break cliffhanger as the busful hangs over a steep ravine, about to take a dive.


And a dive it will take… with two people dying as a result. I hear the bus driver doesn’t make it past the initial crash. Who is the other death? With most school buses not providing seat belts, is a child dying? Or did Scott Reeves possibly let something slip inadvertently? In the TV Guide article Reeves says,

"I'm the only doctor around, so this is my chance to shine!" says fan fave Scott Reeves, who plays Steve Webber. "Bodies are falling and there's a lot of carnage but it's also a lot of fun. It felt like we were making a movie — a chance to feel like an action hero!"

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Last time I checked, Matt Hunter is a Doctor. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

In other GH Spoiler News…

Does anyone think Theo, Robin’s patient is the Balkan? That’s the RUMOR. Jerry threatens Carly and gets really close to Josslyn. Matt will not let Maxie break things off, despite her best efforts. Patrick and Robin agree to some Christmas Cheer together for Emma’s sake. Will Lisa have other plans for the couple? Who is proposing at Tracy and Luke’s wedding? Dante and Brenda discuss the “secret” again. Carly finds out about the baby. Nikolas starts to feel something for Brook Lynn. Dante and Lulu agree to move forward and not look back. Tragedy hits as we break for the New Year. Everyone fears the worst has happened as parents must come to identify their children. Lisa helps Steven save Olivia. Is Helena returning? Will Lisa have something to do with the Cassadines?