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One Life to Live Recap: Till Death Do Us Part

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Nora: The only thing that kept him from raping me was an appointment.

Performers of the day:Hillary B. Smith, Eddie Alderson, and Robert S. Woods. This little branch of the Buchanan family tree delivered in spades, and ran the emotional spectrum in doing so.

Nora is struggling against her shackles, as Rex is about to enter Eddie’s motel room. A housekeeper stops him. He gets rid of her and attempts to enter the room. He’s interrupted again when his phone rings; it’s Natalie.

John proposes to a disbelieving Natalie who excuses herself. Natalie calls Rex, revealing that John proposed. Natalie worries that an engagement will set off Marty, but Rex reminds Natalie that she has already taken the biggest risk of all by lying. Rex encourages Natalie to take a chance and he hangs up.

Rex picks the lock and is shocked to find Nora bound and gagged. Nora asks Rex to hurry and wonders if Rex is armed; he’s not. To keep her emotions at bay, Nora rambles about charges she’s going to bring against Eddie. Her hands really hurt as well. When Rex reaches for the tie around Nora’s waist, she angrily swats him away. Eventually, she allows him to re-button her jacket, turning her head to the side with tears in her eyes. Nora begs Rex to call Bo. When Rex asks why Eddie kidnapped her, Nora says Eddie was trying to break up her marriage.

Rex and Nora leave, but Rex can’t reach Bo. In the car, Nora says she and Bo had a fight, and Eddie sent Bo texts that Nora never would have sent, but Bo wouldn’t have known that. Rex thinks Nora isn’t making sense, but she insists that she remembers the entire ordeal very clearly. Rex asks if Eddie attacked her; he tried. Rex promises that Nora is safe now. Nora looks out the window and cries, asking Rex to hurry because she “really need[s] Bo.” Her hands swelling, Nora pulls off her wedding ring and wonders if she’ll be able to repair her marriage. Suddenly, Nora screams at Rex; there’s another car coming right at them.

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Natalie returns to John and fears that he is only proposing out of obligation, but that’s not the only reason: “I want you to be my wife because I love you.” Natalie is shocked, but she responds in kind. Natalie cautions that her family will insist on a “Texas courtship”, but John doesn’t mind because Nat is worth it. She says yes and tells John to kiss her. Brody accidentally interrupts and when John says that he and Natalie have news, Natalie shuts him down and Brody leaves. John is offended, but Natalie asks him for a secret engagement for now because “it’s ours.” John agrees.

Matthew sees Bo and Inez in an embrace, and he breaks down in the hallway, distraught that his parents are cheating on each other. In the car, Matthew calls Dani and yells at her “everyone cheats.” Matthew asks her to give Nate a message about Inez: “she’s a whore and a bitch and a home wrecker.”

Matthew remembers a close moment he shared with Bo and Nora on their wedding day. He’s devastated, believing that they have lied to him his entire life and that their vows meant nothing. Matthew accelerates as he yells that Clint is the only person who tells him the truth. Matthew sees headlights and swerves.

Bo and Inez kiss on the couch until Inez beckons Bo to follow her to the bedroom. Bo says they’ve had a misunderstanding and Inez apologizes profusely for hurting him. When Bo takes the blame and calls her “Red”, Inez realizes that Bo thinks he’s talking to Nora. Bo assures “Nora” that he’s sorry and he didn’t mean what he said in the texts. He promises he will love her forever.

After Bo passes out, Inez assures him that he didn’t betray his wife. How will she get rid of Eddie now? Nate calls to tell her about the fight, and Inez orders Nate to stay away from Eddie. Inez hangs up and stares at Bo’s gun.

Though Brody and the boys try to intervene, the brawl escalates as Eddie head butts Ford and kicks him while he’s down. Everyone calls for Eddie’s arrest, but Eddie points out that Ford threw the first punch and Brody reluctantly concurs. James tells Eddie that Eddie doesn’t scare him anymore. Brody advises Eddie to leave town, but Eddie has business. Brody encourages everyone to avoid Eddie, and seeing as he has a room at the Minuteman, avoidance is possible.

James leaves to take a walk. Dani fills in Nate on Matthew’s phone call, revealing that Matthew went off on Inez. Nate is desperate to “edit” out Eddie from their lives. Langston convinces Ford to go to the hospital as Starr reveals that she’s scared about James because he was “too calm.” When Dani questions Nate, she’s surprised to hear him say, “The less you know, the better.”

Eddie returns to the motel, shocked to discover Nora missing. He begins packing his bag, further surprised when he can’t find his gun. A voice says “This one,” and Eddie is startled to see James in his room. Eddie questions what he plans to do with it, and James takes aim. “Several hours later,” Eddie lies dead of a gunshot wound to the chest in the middle of the motel room floor.