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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ethan wants to know what’s going on and, at first, Johnny tells him he’s well paid, is better off not knowing the truth and should stop complaining. But Ethan insists, so Johnny tells him about being shot and explains about Lisa and the syringe. Ethan warns him that Lisa is crazy and they won’t be able to control her.

Lisa assures Inez that no one will make things difficult for her. Robin wants to question her, but Lisa reminds Steven that he said she could bring in the patient, no questions asked, so Steve offers to admit her as a Jane Doe and promises not to call the authorities. Robin doesn’t believe Lisa and is determined to find out why she stole the meds.

According to Steven, Inez has pneumonia and needs the meds, but reprimands Lisa again for taking them. She asks if she’s fired, but Steven says he feels she was genuinely trying to help the woman. If it happens again, though, then she’s out. Lisa thanks Robin for seeing her take the medication, which forced her to bring the woman in and get help. Robin still wants to talk to Inez, but Patrick thinks Lisa is telling the truth, which angers Robin.

Carly tells Abby that she’s making a mistake being Michael’s friend and Abby wonders why she’s interfering. Carly feels that she’s too old and it’s an inappropriate friendship, but Abby says Michael is kind and intelligent and she enjoys being with him. Carly feels Michael is vulnerable and wants him to have friends his own age. Abby feels Carly has expectations of who Michael should be. Carly wants him to be a kid and do kid stuff and she wants Abby to let him down easy and stop seeing him.

Jerry grabs the morgue attendant and calls out Jason from his hiding spot. Jerry wonders why Jason won’t let him take the body in peace. Jason wants to know why Jerry’s after Brenda but he natters on about Brenda being lethal and everyone gets caught up in her and someone needs to stop her. He just wants Alexander to rest in peace. Jerry moves out of Dante’s firing range, shoots the morgue attendant and takes off.

Siobhan tells Nikolas that Interpol doesn’t care about Lucky’s welfare, but Nik feels it isn’t his place to interfere.

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Brooke wonders why Tracy feels the wedding will be a disaster and Tracy tells her she thinks Luke will bail. Brook asks why she doesn't cancel the wedding then. Tracy knows Luke’s afraid of commitment and figures having her heart broken will cure her love for him.

Luke wonders if Lucky is going to talk him out of the marriage, but Lucky asks him if he can afford to lose Tracy. Lucky gets the call from Dante and takes off. Siobhan’s worried about him, and Nikolas realizes that she cares for him, but that she can’t stop Lucky from taking risks.

Brook tells Nikolas that she’s worried about Tracy because Luke might bail and Nik agrees that’s a real possibility. Luke tells Tracy that he wants to elope, but she’s got her heart set on the big shindig at the Q mansion. Brook lets Tracy know that she’ll do anything she wants for the wedding, but Tracy doesn’t want to be patronized now that Brook knows her feelings for Luke.

Michael giddily wonders where he should take Abby on their date. He questions Sam about her likes and dislikes, which Sam doesn’t know, as she really doesn’t know Abby that well. Sam decides that it’s not a good idea for Michael to date Abby, because if another guy comes on to her, Sam’s worried how Michael will handle himself. Michael says he’s comfortable with Abby, that she’s not judgemental.

Carly meets with Sam and asks how she met Abby, but Sam doesn’t tell her. Carly says she wants Michael hanging out with kids his own age and Sam reminds Carly that Michael is no longer a child and tells her she should mind her own business. Carly wants Sam to talk to Abby. Sam says if Carly meddles, she’ll lose Michael.

Michael meets with Abby and asks her what she wants to do on their date, but she says she can’t go out with him after all and leaves.

Lisa shows up at Johnny’s, pretending for Ethan’s sake, until Ethan lets her know that Johnny shared their secrets and Lisa wonders how many people know the truth. Ethan figures she won’t hurt Johnny, since he now knows the truth and he leaves. Lisa tells Johnny that they’re even now and wants the syringe, which Johnny refuses to give and tells her she should be grateful to him for saving her job. He wants her to spend the night and take care of him. She says she can easily smother him in his sleep, but he reminds her that his lawyer has the syringe and Ethan knows the truth.

Ethan returns to the Star and apologizes to Luke for bailing on him. Luke says he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to pay for the wedding and his instincts tell him to take off. Ethan tells him that Tracy won’t take him back, with which Luke agrees. Luke admits that he can’t live without her, which Tracy overhears.

Jason calls Spinelli to find out which direction Jerry’s headed and he and Dante follow, while Lucky sets up a roadblock ahead. Jerry crashes the car and the three stooges wonder if he’s dead, if the whole Balkan thing is over or whether they’ll ever know.