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One Life to Live Recap: Can You Keep A Secret?

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Bo: You know, if someone would’ve asked me last night if I’d cheat on Nora, I would’ve thought they were crazy. I hate that I hurt her like this. I love her.

Inez returns home, her whereabouts unknown, as Bo wanders out of the bedroom, buttoning his shirt. Bo doesn’t remember what happened beyond being really upset about Nora, and having one beer. Bo hesitantly asks Inez if they had sex. She doesn’t answer, telling him instead that he was in a bad place and that he drank many beers (she poured a six-pack down the drain and placed the empties around the living room).

Nate knocks on the door, last seen standing over Eddie’s dead body saying that he “got what [he] deserved” and seemingly stealing a bag from Eddie’s room. Nate claims to have lost his keys and wonders why Bo is there. Inez lies, saying with Nate missing, she called Bo. When Nate returned, he spent the night in the lobby after Inez didn’t answer the door. An agitated Nate has to get ready for school.

Bo poses his question again. After seeing Clint’s name on caller I.D., Inez tells Bo that they had sex. Bo is beside himself, and Inez assures him that he doesn’t need to apologize. She thinks they should pretend nothing happened; Bo doesn’t think that’s possible. As Nate leaves for school, Inez is certain that something is bothering him, but he insists that he’s fine. Inez eyes Bo’s gun.

Gigi enlists Brody’s help because he’s worried about Rex; he never came home last night. At the crash site, Rex awakens in the mangled car, injured but alive. Gigi reveals that Rex was looking into a man named Eddie Ford. Brody is well-aware of Eddie. Rex calls Gigi and manages to divulge his location. Gigi and Brody arrive at the site and Gigi is frantic, begging Rex to live and grow old with her. With the medics on the scene, Brody leaves for a call at the Minuteman. Gigi is confused when Rex says Nora’s name, but he passes out before saying anything more.

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Bo feels terrible for cheating, and Inez hopes that he and Nora reunite. In the hallway, Bo fingers his wedding band, musing aloud about how sorry he feels. At the crash site, Nora’s wedding ring sits on the floor of the car. Where is Nora?

Langston keeps vigil at Ford’s hospital bedside when Starr enters, worried about James. Before Starr begins searching, James arrives, claiming to have shut off his phone. When Langston went to the apartment to collect necessities for Ford, she saw that James’ bed hadn’t been slept in. James claims to have taken a walk, followed by a drive, finally ending up at the library. Starr doesn’t think that James can live his life hiding. James asserts that it may be wishful thinking, but he believes Eddie is gone.

Ford is medically cleared and released, and he and Langston joke about sex. In all seriousness, he thanks her for staying with him through the night. Starr pulls James into an empty room, certain that he’s hiding something. She poses her (correct) theory: James saw Eddie last night.

A housekeeper enters Eddie’s room, discovers his body, and screams. Brody arrives and makes a positive I.D. He’s Eddie Ford, and he’s hurt a lot of people.

Kelly is butchering omelettes, when Dorian and Blair enter. Dorian mentions Joe, and Kelly asks Blair to leave. Dorian insists that there are no secrets. Kelly says that Joey proposed, but Dorian misinterprets. Dorian demands that Blair offer “best wishes”; Blair bitterly does so, jaded by her own history. Kelly kindly points out that Blair is the common denominator in all of Blair’s relationships. Kelly reveals that Joey proposed to a woman named Aubrey.

Blair takes pleasure in Kelly’s humiliation. Kelly defends herself, copping to a poor track record, but not as bad as the “seventeen” failed relationships, including annulments, between Blair and Dorian. Kelly used Kevin, but he’s promised to play along. Dorian encourages Kelly to tell Joey for peace of mind, believing that Kelly owes Aubrey nothing.

Blair accuses Dorian of being afraid to pursue her own romantic path. To Blair’s surprise, Dorian admits fear, but she finds hope in Kelly’s courage. Dorian worries that Blair will give up on love, believing that to be tragic.

Joey tells Jessica that he’s engaged, and she thinks it impulsive. Joey insists that he knows Aubrey, although he does appreciate her mysteriousness. Jessica fills in Joey on being taken advantage of by Ford, and Joey is none to keen to meet him. Joey says that Kelly will be their sister-in-law: she’s in love with Kevin. Joey asks Jess to keep it under wraps, and Jessica agrees, although she’s averse to secrets. Jess believes that Joey has unresolved feelings for Kelly, but she backs off. The doorbell sounds; it’s Kelly.