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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Theo asks Robin what more tests are being scheduled for him, but she says all the tests are done and were all negative. Patrick tells him he needs to go home and Steve says he’s being released. Theo starts in on everyone’s lack of intelligence and Lisa says he should be relieved he’s not sick. He natters on some more before leaving and Robin blames herself for admitting him because she felt he was lonely.

Sonny meets Luke on the docks and they discuss the wedding. Luke’s thinking of skipping out on Tracy, but knows she’d never take him back again. He admits that he loves her, but signing the prenup is still a sticking point for him and he wonders why Sonny never got Carly to sign one. Sonny acknowledges that Carly actually knows him better than anyone and that she thinks that things with Brenda will implode. He wonders if Carly is right.

When Luke leaves, Claire wanders by and Sonny asks what’s wrong. She tells him she’s been transferred to Alaska. He’s upset that she’s being punished for helping him and wonders why she doesn’t leave the bureau. Claire says she’s considering other options, and Sonny tells her to call if she ever needs anything.

Jason tells Carly about the accident and that there’s a possibility Jerry died, but Carly doesn’t believe he’s dead. Carly feels she needs to tell Jax, but hopes Jerry’s dead so that the whole thing would be over for everyone. Jason says they still need to confirm whether Jerry was the Balkan.

Dante shows up at the loveshack to take Brenda back to the penthouse. He tells her about the accident and the possibility that Jerry is dead, but until a body is found they still need to be careful. Dante feels that if Jerry’s alive, he’ll be even more determined to find her and wonders if she knew Jerry. She says she met him once years before and figured he was shady. He says once this is cleared up, she can go back to her old life, but Brenda admits she might not be in a hurry to get back to Rome.

Brenda and Dante head over to the Metrocourt to see Jax, who didn’t know yet about Jerry, so Brenda lets him know. Dante tells him no body has been found and Brenda wonders if that means he’s not dead, but Jax has accepted his brother’s death if that means Brenda is now safe. When Brenda heads back to Jason’s, Dante tells Jax what happened, and Jax wants to pay the morgue attendants’s bills. Dante reminds him that he’s not responsible for what Jerry has done. Dante tells Jax that if Jerry is the Balkan, than Alexander was his son, and that’s why he’s after Brenda.

Kristina runs into Michael at Kelly’s and he says he’s waiting for Abby. She snarks again that Abby is too old for him and that Allie is perfect for him, but he says Allie’s not his type and that Abby understands him. She says it’s similar to her situation with Kiefer, which sets off Michael and he angrily storms off.

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Michael heads over to Jason's to discuss Abby breaking things off. He feels she changed her mind because she’s scared of him. Jason tells him that if Abby decided she couldn’t be with him, that he should respect her wishes.

Kiefer’s friend Bryce is trying to get Kristina to go to a party with him, but she’s trying to blow him off. Michael returns and apologizes to Krissie for yelling at her earlier, but when Bryce interrupts again and doesn’t take Kristina’s no for an answer, Michael gets angry. Bryce eggs him on, asking if he’s coming to the party, and who his date will be. He wonders who Michael was with in prison, because no one could possibly love an ex-con. Abby walks in and immediately pretends to be Michael’s girlfriend.

Robin wants to find Inez to question her, but Steven has already discharged her. Lisa questions why Robin’s so eager to get information. Robin believes there’s no way that Lisa stole the meds for Inez, because Lisa is a psychotic with an agenda and says she’ll figure out what’s going on. Lisa wonders if she’ll die trying and Robin asks whether that’s a threat. The two start in on each other until Steven breaks them up.

Theo shows up and hands Steven some legal papers, saying he’s suing the hospital and Drs. Drake, Niles and Webber, but not Robin.

Dante heads back to the penthouse and is upset when Jason tells him that Brenda and Sonny are together. Dante goes on about the lines being blurred, because he’s now working with a murderer and that Jason now holds his badge in his hands. Jason says he’s not interested in taking his badge because he’s been good with Michael. Dante seems very jealous of Sonny and Brenda and their cottage in the woods.

Dante wonders how many people Jason has killed and feels he’s compromised himself. He compares Sonny to Jerry, which makes Jason mad. Jason claims that Sonny doesn’t kill innocent people. Dante wants Jason to talk to Brenda and tell her to go back to Rome because Sonny is bad for her. Jason says his only job is to keep her alive.

Jason gets a call that Jerry’s body hasn’t been found, as does Dante, and both realize that Jerry’s going after Brenda.

Sonny has a decorated tree for Brenda and tells her he wants to celebrate Christmas with her.

Carly comes home to find Jerry parked on her couch with the ever gorgeous Josselyn. Carly threatens to kill him if he doesn’t hand her the baby, which he does. She wonders what he wants and how he managed to escape, but he says everything was planned. She tells him his actions affect Jax, but Jerry feels that Jax can’t fix things. Carly tells him to disappear for good. Jerry wonders why she isn’t more grateful to him, since he’s prepared to get rid of Brenda. Carly asks why he hates Brenda so much and Jerry says Brenda is spoiled, deceitful and disloyal; that she makes every man weaker and must be stopped by him.

Jerry tells Carly that her life will be immeasurably better without Brenda in it and that he’ll get rid of Brenda, once and for all. Jax walks in and hears.