General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Pops the Question!

Here’s the Scoop!

It's wedding week in Port Chuckles and everyone wonders… will Luke make it to the nuptials? Have no fear Luke and Tracy fans, your boy shows up, but will he say “I Do?” Apparently, it’s not just Luke with a case of the cold tootsies as despite making it all the way to the altar, the couple who can’t seem to tie that proverbial knot, keep getting tied up. Luke is pretty clear with his declaration of love for his Popsicle and his kids step in with a declaration of their own, ‘Just do it already!’ Look for granny’s granddaughter to give the ultimate push towards sealing the deal.

Leading up to the Big Day… Brenda wants to be Sonny’s date to the wedding even though Jason isn’t too keen on her attending. Ethan and Maya discuss their own “marital bliss” and where the two should settle down. Nikolas and Brook talk about love and each other’s view of the topic. Maxie issues Dante a warning not to hurt Lulu. Brenda wants Jax to keep his butt safe and not risk it for her benefit. Carly wants to know why Dante needed a family attorney.


Lulu and Dante… I mentioned that they would ultimately decide to move forward and not look back. Dante plans a romantic night for the pair, cooking is involved. Lulu convinces herself not to be suspicious of Dante and Brenda.

Brenda and Dante… He wants Brenda to keep a lid on the whole baby thing, especially when talking to Sonny. Carly still has Spinelli working hard to uncover whatever he can on these two and he does not disappoint.

Spinelli and Carly… Texting buddies they will be. Throughout the wedding ceremony, these two trade texts dishing on the secrets Dante and Brenda are hiding.

Sonny and Brenda… Just as Carly learns that Dante and Brenda had a baby together, Sonny pops the question to a surprised Brenda.

Patrick and Robin… They decide to spend the holidays together for Emma. Mac is not thrilled with the plans. Lisa has yet another plan to rip these two apart.

Sam and Jason… Michael and Molly help them decorate a “Charlie Brown” tree. Jamey Giddens could have offered some assistance with that. With Brenda out of the Penthouse and at the wedding, the couple takes advantage of some alone time.

Matt and Maxie… Maxie is all alone at the Crimson offices for the holidays until Matt shows up. This is when she’ll try to break things off, but Dr. Hunter is not interested in a Dear John letter for Christmas.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Jason takes Michael to the Q’s for a Christmas visit. Tragedy hits right before the new year. Which couple is in for some news? Despite the warning, Lisa drugs Johnny. Real life injected into the show? Spinelli learns that Diane is penning a novel. Ethan once again warns Johnny of the psycho nature of Dr. Niles. Spinelli keeps the truth about Dante and Brenda from Jason.

Encore, encore… As the holidays are coming, so are encore episodes of one of my favorite GH storylines. The Metro Court hostage crisis! Thursday the 23rd, Friday the 24th and then again Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st, we will be treated to four episodes from that storyline.