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One Life to Live Recap: Don't Worry 'Bout Me

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Tea: Blair, you don’t need a lawyer to tell you what to do; you need a friend.

Helen, the housekeeper, reminds Blair of Eli’s box and encourages her to dispose of it. Blair is curious; she wants to know why Eli was a menace.

Tea overhears Todd calling Rex. Todd promises that everything is under control, but Tea worries that he did something stupid. Blair arrives, handing Tea the box. It’s from Eli. Todd balks; what if there’s a bomb? Blair and Tea briefly commiserate over their after-effects of Eli’s reign of terror before launching into a bickering session over the box. Tea says Blair will always wonder, and Todd is fairly certain a “severed head” won't greet Blair.

Todd offers to smash open the box, but he’s interrupted by John. John tells Todd that he’s looking for a murderer. Eddie Ford is dead, and a cufflink with the initials, “T.M.”, was found at the scene.

Echo breaks out her flask and adds the contents to her orange juice. Viki comes downstairs and confronts Echo about kissing Charlie. Echo claims not to remember. Echo is sorry, but Viki believes Echo’s only sorry about getting caught. Echo asks if Viki is going to “banish” her, but Viki decides to give her one more chance. Charlie calls Echo with news of Rex, telling her to inform Viki and get to the hospital. When Echo leaves, all she tells Viki is, “Charlie needs me.”

Aubrey is on the phone with her mystery friend. She says that the woman on the plane is Joey’s ex, who still has feelings for him. Aubrey is seeing Viki today and she wants to make a good impression. She decides to be herself.

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Joey and Kelly bump heads when they greet each other. Joey sees that Kelly is stressed. He gives her tea and asks her to confide in him, but before she can, she squirts herself in the eye with a lemon.

Aubrey arrives to see a surprised Viki. Aubrey thanks Viki for her blessing, especially after The Palace debacle. Viki doesn’t blame Aubrey, and insists that Joey is clearly head over heels. Aubrey says they both are.

Joey tries to help Kelly, but Aubrey and Viki enter and wonder what’s going on. Joey explains as Kelly silently tells herself to back off because Joey is crazy about Aubrey. Viki drives Kelly home. Aubrey wants to know why Joey seemed to be close to kissing Kelly. Joey insists that Kelly is just a friend. At La Boulaie, Viki shocks Kelly, revealing that Kelly’s feelings for Joey are obvious. Viki promises to keep quiet, and Kelly thanks her.

Gigi calls Charlie and tearfully tells him about Rex. Later, Charlie races in and gathers Gigi in his arms. Echo arrives, freaking out, but Gigi promises that Rex is just a “drama queen” as she accompanies him to tests. Echo confides in Charlie that fears losing Rex in the same place where she left him years ago. Charlie thinks about Jared; he seemed fine as well, but he died before Charlie could tell him that he loved him. Charlie asks where Viki is, but Echo deflects, sending Charlie for a bag for Rex’s shoes.

At the motel, Brody tells a uniform that Eddie had plenty of enemies. At the station, Natalie shushes John when he calls her “Mrs. McBain.” John gets a call about a homicide, and he and Nat are on the case. At the scene, Natalie discovers contusions on Eddie’s wrist, but thinks they’re from the fight at Rourke’s.

Brody is surprised to see Nat; he would’ve thought she’d be with Rex. Natalie was unaware of his condition, but after Brody says that Rex is stable, she chooses to stay and work. A cuff link is found and John leaves to question the suspect (Todd). Nat finds a long red hair. Brody thinks it might belong to the woman Eddie claimed to have in his company.

At the station, Bo rereads a text from “Nora”, and apologizes aloud for sleeping with Inez. Bo leaves Nora a voicemail, imploring her to call him. John informs Bo that Eddie is dead. Bo hesitates, but calls Inez, leaving her a message regarding “police business”. Gigi calls Bo, and Bo races to the hospital.

Following the tests, Gigi tells Bo that Rex has a concussion, but is otherwise okay. Rex also mentioned Nora, which confuses both of them. Bo is sitting in the hall when Rex is arrives in a wheelchair. Bo is about to leave when Rex finally blurts that Nora was with him in the car.

Starr wonders if James tried to “teach [Eddie] some manners.” Starr says that James should call the police, but James quickly nixes that idea. They run into Bo in the hospital hallway, who tells them that Eddie is dead. Correction: murdered. Bo asks if James knows where Inez is and James doesn't have a clue. Bo is sorry for James’ loss, as is Starr, but James is relieved. Starr has to ask: did James kill Eddie?