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One Life to Live Recap: Comfortably Numb

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Dorian: Let’s shake on this, shall we? We... are gonna bring that bitch down.


At La Boulaie, Viki is calling Charlie when Dorian enters. Dorian asks if Charlie was honest about the kiss and Viki admits that he was... eventually. Viki believes that Charlie isn’t to blame; Echo instigated the kiss. Today, Echo received a call from Charlie and took off. Dorian is suspicious, but Viki insists that nothing is going on. Dorian knows that Echo can’t be trusted.

Viki doesn’t want to look like the villain. Dorian says, “No, that’s my job.” Dorian doesn’t want to see Viki endure the same type of heartache as Dorian experienced because of David. Viki is touched. They cement their alliance with a handshake.

Charlie believes Echo has a drinking problem. She blames the mimosa incident on Dorian, and insists that she’s not an alcoholic. Sometimes Echo needs one drink, but Charlie points out that a flask is a sign of something more acute.

Bo is confused when Rex says that Nora was in his car. Bo grits his teeth as Rex reveals that Eddie kidnapped Nora, held her captive, and was responsible for the texts. Bo promises to find Nora. Before Bo leaves, Rex instructs Bo to remember that Nora went through hell, but she continually fought to get back to him.

Charlie wants Echo to face her troubles for Rex. Rex enters and wonders what Charlie and Echo are discussing. Charlie lies, but Echo stops him, revealing Charlie’s belief that Echo has a drinking problem. Charlie and Rex promise to support Echo. Echo agrees to face her issues so long as Charlie is there “every step of the way.”

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At the crash site, Bo instructs a state trooper to delay the towing of Rex’s car. Bo finds Nora’s wedding band on the floor of the vehicle, and his mind races. Bo hears a rustling in the bushes and calls her name. Nora stumbles out from the trees, and crying, runs into Bo’s open arms.

Inez listens to the message from Bo as Clint arrives, wondering about “loverboy.” Inez demands that Clint keep up his end of the bargain, but Clint doesn’t have to; Eddie was shot to death. Inez questions if Clint killed Eddie, but Eddie was dead when Clint arrived at the motel.

Inez claims that Clint got lucky, so she plans to tell Bo the truth. She reveals that she drugged Bo, but she didn’t have sex with him; she only lied. Inez spits that Clint can’t control everything; he “can’t control [his] brother’s love for his wife.” Inez must continue to lie, or Clint will tell the police that he witnessed Inez’s son at the scene of the crime.

John says that the “TM” cuff link was found at the scene, but Tea’s never seen it before. John asks for Todd’s alibi; he was with his wife. Tea believes that John should be looking into other suspects, such as “Tad Martin.” John wants to look for the matching link, but Tea insists on a warrant. John reveals that Rex was investigating Eddie for Todd, and when Todd asks how John knew, John responds, “you just told me.”

John leaves and Blair busts Todd. The cuff links are unique; Blair had them made for Todd when they were married. Tea never knew about the cuff links, nor did she know Todd was investigating Eddie. Blair and Tea wonder about what else Todd is lying about.

James insists that everything was a blur. James admits to stealing Eddie’s gun, and Starr questions the purpose. James thinks he should’ve taken Todd’s advice. Starr is shocked, insisting that Todd’s counsel was wrong. James doesn’t think Starr understands, but Starr says that she’s dealt with “trouble since [she] was born.” James needs to talk to the police, and when he turns to leave, he runs into John.

Destiny spies a sullen Matthew and wonders what’s wrong. They enter the gym and almost immediately, Matthew and Nate get in a fight. The boys are separated, and Matthew calls Inez a slut and tells Destiny that she’s sleeping with Bo. Destiny is disbelieving; Bo and Nora are in love, but Matthew saw Bo cheating with his own eyes. Dani insists that Nate not allow Matthew to get to him; he’s bitter and mistaken. Dani wants to help with Eddie, but Nate says it’s “too late.”

After seeing Bo and Inez, Matthew nearly got into a car accident. Matthew says that he never wants to speak to Bo again. Darren wants to offer Nate condolences, but he thinks Nate is unaware. Darren tells Nate and Dani that Eddie is dead. Nate isn’t sorry, but Dani wonders why Nate isn’t surprised. Destiny wants to support Matthew, but Darren thinks that Nate’s troubles are more profound. Destiny says that nothing compares to losing a father.