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Eric Braeden to Deadline Re: Neil Patrick Harris: "It's Christmastime And I Forgive Him For His Transgression"

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Here we go again. The Young and the Restless' Eric Braedenreleased a statement to Deadline regarding How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harrisslamming Braeden for backing out of his guest spot. Braeden stated:

I have been in this business for 50 years, have seen so many actors come and go -- most of them never to be seen or heard from again. I suggest whoever this young fellow is that he enjoy his success and count his blessings and save his money. My first time on [HIMYM] I enjoyed working with the writers, directors, and crew enormously. However, I did not have the pleasure of meeting most of the cast, including this fellow who put his foot in his mouth by saying what he did. It's Christmastime and I forgive him for his transgression." Braeden says he pulled out of the HIMYM appearance partly due to exhaustion. "I have been overworked at Y&R. I have been doing 40 and 50 pages a day. I was [also] not aware of what they wanted me to do until the day before.

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