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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was highly impressed with the number of storylines and the movement within them today. It’s one of those rare episodes that if you missed it, you missed quite a bit.


Sonny wants to know where Jerry is because he knows Jax’s hands are tied, but Jax promises that Jerry won’t hurt anyone and is his problem to solve. Sonny knows that Jax is in an impossible situation, but again Jax says he won’t turn over Jerry and will protect Brenda from him. Sonny wonders if Jerry has made contact and realizes he has by Jax’s reaction. Sonny tells Jax to step aside and that if Jerry kills anyone, then it will be on Jax’s shoulders.

Siobhan thinks that Jerry is the Balkan and is shocked when Jerry tells her that she needs to arrange an accident and kill Lucky because he’s getting too involved. Siobhan tells him that Lucky is connected to some powerful people plus Interpol, but Jerry knows that Interpol is no threat. She continues to protest and Jerry realizes that she’s fallen for her mark. Siobhan offers up Jason, but Jerry’s not interested and tells her to follow his instructions.

Lucky wonders if Brenda is withholding information and feels she needs to be questioned again, but not by Dante, who he feels is not impartial. Dante tells him about being sued and Lucky realizes Brenda can’t take the stand because she’ll likely crack and tell the truth about Aleksander’s death. Dante asks him not to question Brenda anymore.

Carly demands to know from Brenda what she did that has Jerry after her. She insists on knowing why everyone’s life is in danger and Brenda admits she killed Aleksander and Dante covered it up and disposed of the body. Carly’s head practically explodes at Dante’s hypocrisy, but Jason warns her to keep her mouth shut and she storms out.

Brenda’s angry about Carly’s rage towards Dante, but Jason explains about Dante’s involvement in Michael’s prison sentence. Brenda’s worried that Jerry will come after Jason and wonders who will protect him.

Theo introduces himself as a partner in the New York branch of Diane’s firm and says he’s there to help them with the overload of work. Alexis and Diane let him know about Brenda and Dante, the wrongful death suit and Brenda being targeted by the Balkan. Theo wonders why she’s being targeted. Alexis suddenly decides she’ll take over the malpractice suit, but Diane reminds her of what happened with Luis Alcazar and that she can’t defend Brenda. Diane decides she needs Theo’s help with this, which he’s quite happy about.

Brook and Nik are dining at the Metro Court discussing the contract that she’s going to sign making her his paid companion, which allows her to work on her music and not worry about bills. He wonders if he has to explain things to her parents, but Brook assures him she’s just having fun and everything is fine.

Liz and Steve arrive at dinner. When Nikolas gets up to answer a phone call, Liz heads over to their table and tells Brook to find her self respect and get out of Nikolas’ life. I had to laugh because it was such a WTF moment. Brook tells Liz she signed a contract, which gets Liz to snark about being more calculating than she thought. In turn, Brook starts snarking about not having three kids with three different men and that Nikolas is no longer available to her.

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When Nik returns to the table, Liz pretends to be nice and wonders if he’s still picking up Aiden. Nik says yes and he leaves with Brook. Liz goes back to her table and tells Steve that she hates Nik being worked over by Brook but Steve tells her to stay out of their personal lives.

Dante comes home and Lulu’s interested in a night out. However, Dante informs her that Jerry’s alive and still after Brenda, so he has to guard her. Lulu wonders why he doesn’t let Jason deal with Jerry and asks Dante not to be a hero. He promises to come back to her safely.

Siobhan comes home and she and Lucky discuss more details of the case. Lucky feels he needs to question Brenda more, because Dante’s protection of her is causing a strain in the case. Siobhan gets a call from Jerry and pretends it’s from her sister Fiona. Jerry tells her to meet him on the pier with Lucky.

Carly comes home and is shocked to see Jax with a gun and wonders where it came from, but he admits he’s had it for a while. He says he can’t ignore the threat of Jerry, but Carly begs him not to be the one to take Jerry down. She pleads with him to not let Jerry and the Balkan change who he is.

Dante goes to Sonny to let him know that Lucky wants to dig deeper with Brenda and Sonny hates that Brenda is being used as bait. Luke shows up and Sonny lets him know they’re discussing Jerry. Luke is surprised that he’s discussing that in front of Dante. Sonny says Dante is welcome in his life, just like Lucky is in Luke’s, but Luke reminds him that he doesn’t discuss business with Lucky and Lucky looks away when necessary. After Dante leaves, Sonny wonders why Luke hates Dante and he says he’s worried about Lulu. Luke tells Sonny he needs a favor regarding the wedding, and Sonny tells him he’ll give him a deal on the liquor.

Lulu stops by Lucky’s to give Siobhan a scarf and questions their relationship. Lucky brings up Dante and how serious they are and believes they can beat the odds. Lulu heads over to meet Maxie and asks her opinion, whether Dante is too close to Brenda. Maxie’s says she’s not objective when it comes to Brenda and feels Dante loves Lulu. Lulu feels Brenda is a bad influence and wonders what else Dante hasn’t told her. Dante is eavesdropping.

Lucky gets a call from Siobhan’s sister Fiona, who’s looking for Siobhan and tells Lucky that she hasn’t heard from her sister in a month. Lucky summons Luke over for an impartial ear and tells him Siobhan’s been lying to him for months.

Jax shows up at the penthouse, so Jason heads over to Sonny’s office. Jax tells Brenda he’ll deal with Jerry, but she tells him to let Jason take care of it. Brenda tells him that if he takes care of Jerry, it will haunt and destroy him.

Carly meets Jason and tells him about Jax and the gun. Then, she carries on about Dante, Michael and Brenda, but Jason gets tired of it all and tells he has to focus on Jerry and she needs to shut it. She tells him she can’t compartmentalize her emotions like he does. Sonny shows up and Jason tells him Brenda’s with Jax. Sonny wonders why he left them alone together.

Jerry meets with Siobhan and is angry that she didn’t bring Lucky along and tells her she’s of no use to him anymore. He gets a call from Theo who wants to know why Jerry’s disrespecting Siobhan and that he hired her to do a specific job. Jerry starts yelling about Theo being the Balkan, and Siobhan is shocked to hear that Jerry isn’t the Balkan. Theo admits that he is, and that maybe it’s time he and Jerry met face to face.

Now that’s a Friday cliffhanger!