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One Life to Live Recap: Lousy Reputation

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Nora: It was a stupid plan, and it failed, because they didn’t know you like I know you. Even when you’re mad, it’d take a lot more than a few texts to goad you into the arms of another woman. That’s why I love you so much; that’s why I’ll always love you. Always.

Nora runs into Bo’s arms and they kiss. Nora is shivering, so Bo removes his jacket to wrap around her shoulders, but Nora refuses to let go of him. Nora says that after the crash, she couldn’t wake Rex and she went for help. However, there is a gap in her memory between that time and waking up in the bushes moments ago. Nora remembers Eddie, but Bo assures her that Eddie is “taken care of.”

At the hospital, Bo asks what Nora needs; a cheeseburger and for Bo to stay with her. Nora launches into her ordeal, revealing that Eddie touched her, but didn’t rape her as he was robbed of the opportunity. Bo controls his rage as Nora promises that she “never showed him how scared [she] was.” Bo reveals that Eddie was murdered, and Nora isn’t surprised.

She says that the texts were from Eddie and that she’d never disappear like that. Bo apologizes, but Nora assures him that he has nothing for which to be sorry; Bo disagrees. Nora thinks that Inez was involved, and Eddie hinted as much. The plan didn’t work, but Bo is tormented. He has to tell her something.

Natalie visits Rex, who insists that he’s fine, but he’s concerned that Nora isn’t. Natalie is surprised when Rex reveals that Nora was in the car with him. Rex details the kidnapping, and Natalie realizes that the red hair probably came from Nora. Rex says that Eddie was trying to come between Bo and Nora, but Natalie thinks that idea is crazy; they’re too in love.

Natalie retrieves water and tells Rex that Nora has been found; Rex is relieved. Rex asks about John’s proposal, and Natalie reveals that she said yes, but she and John are keeping their engagement quiet. Rex cautions Natalie that she can’t keep this secret forever. Natalie is scared because she’s “so close to having everything.”

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Matthew asks Darren if the police know who killed Eddie. Dani wonders how Nate already knew about Eddie’s death. Destiny extends condolences, but Nate doesn’t want to hear it. His only attachment to Eddie was “D.N.A. and bad luck.” Matthew offers sympathy, but Nate goes off. Nate pushes and Matthew reveals that Inez is sleeping with Bo. Dani likens Matthew’s outburst to trash-talk, but Nate isn’t so sure. He apologizes to Dani for being a jerk and leaves.

Clint warns Inez that he’ll tell the police he saw her son at the scene of the crime, and Inez demands to know which son. Clint torments Inez, but she’s “certain” that her sons had nothing to do with Eddie’s murder... because they’re “good boys.” Clint orders Inez to keep the lie going, and Inez is regretful she ever accepted any favors from Clint. Nate returns home with a question for Inez: did she sleep with Bo?

Darren wonders why Destiny has no sympathy for her own parents, warning her that she’ll regret her behavior should anything happen to them. Matthew believes that Darren just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be betrayed by one’s parents. Matthew and Destiny commiserate over being made “the villain.” They don’t know what they would do without each other.

Blair decides against subtlety and directly asks Todd if he killed Eddie. Todd insists that Eddie wasn’t important enough to kill. Blair thinks Todd has no motive, but she witnesses a look between Todd and Tea and wonders what they’re hiding. Starr calls and Tea leaves to help James.

John thinks James has information, but Starr insists on getting a lawyer. At the station, Tea warns James to keep quiet, but he wants to talk. He tells John that he stole Eddie’s gun and he confronted Eddie with the intention of killing him.

In a flashback, James pointed the gun, crying that Eddie was supposed to love him. James thought it was time to stand up to Eddie, and he pulled the trigger, but only shot the wall. He told Eddie that he wasn’t worth it.

James tossed the gun on the floor and left, but John says no gun was found. John releases James, and Tea unconvincingly assures James that the session “went well.” As much as he wanted to kill Eddie, James couldn’t because he thought of what Starr’s gone through because of Cole. James couldn’t do that to her.

Todd reveals to Blair that he warned Eddie based on comments made to Dani, but he only wanted to scare him. Todd believes that the cuff link is a sign of a set-up. Blair grabs her box, not wanting any more surprises, and leaves. Tea returns, admitting that James is probably innocent. Dani comes home and sits on the couch, suspicious of Nate.

John writes a list of suspects: Todd, Ford, Inez, Nate, and James. John crosses off James’ name.