The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Amber Gets Knocked Up!


Amber: The girl from Death Valley is with child, courtesy of Oliver! Amber is stunned speechless since the two used a condom. To make matters worse, her mother Tawny hits town. When Tawny finds out Amber is pregnant she tells her daughter to pass the child off as Liam's and keep mum to Oliver.

Liam/Hope: The Spencer heir is horrified when he wakes  in bed with Amber. Liam thinks he did the deed with Amber and tells all to Hope. Hope is crushed finding out this news.

Ridge/Taylor/Whip: The Chiseled One is hell bent on finding out who snapped the shot of Thomas and Brooke. When he learns Whip was behind it all he heads over to Taylor's house to fill her in. Whip feigns innocence. Taylor stands by one man and kicks another out of her house.