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All My Children's Jacob Young on Annie: "She's a Ticking Time Bomb"

Now that JR (Jacob Young) is being nicer to mealy-mouthed Marissa (as of today Sarah Glendening) in order to keep his son AJ on All My Children, JR's stepmama-turned- mattress mate Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) is none-too-thrilled. Could this turn of events send Annie flying back over the cuckoo's nest? Young answered that question and more with

JR_and_Annie Annie doesn't seem to be too thrilled. Will JR be able to keep her from totally spinning out of control?

Jacob Young: Well, you know, Annie's unpredictable. She's a ticking bomb at times, so to keep her under control is an understatement. I don't think he really has full control over her. He's caught up with the situation, but she can't understand it. He's trying, he's making an attempt at all of it.

For more from Young, like how he feels JR is doing as the Chandler patriarch and if he thinsk JR and Annie can work as a couple, read: Interview: Jacob Young Talks All My Children.

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Photo credit: ABC