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DC #596: Neil Patrick Harris vs. Eric Braeden

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast the DC gang dives into the biggest story of the week, How I Met Your Mother’sNeil Patrick Harris vs. The Young and the Restless’Eric Braeden. DC listeners begged for Jamey to do one of his Victor Newman impersonations and of course he was more than happy to oblige. He even provided in a few impersonations other than Victor that will keep listeners laughing.


All My Children updated their opening credits. Did the DC gang love it or hate it? Lindsay Hartley’s arrival on AMC has been a refreshing addition to Pine Valley. The Cara/Jake/Amanda triangle has us wanting more, but Jamey wants Griffin with Amanda NOT Kendall. Kendall’s grief has her acting erratic and fighting Greenlee for control of Fusion. Jamey loved Madison telling Greenlee off.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Whip manipulated Brooke, Ridge, Taylor and Thomas by screwing up things backstage at the Forrester fashion show. He then snapped a picture of Thomas and Brooke in a compromising situation and published it to the web. Amber is trying to get her hooks into Liam, but is she a good ho or a bad ho?

Rafe asks Lexie to check out Johnny after Will brings him concerning evidence on Days of our Lives. What will happen to Sami and EJ’s son? Jamey is looking forward to Bo and Hope going on the run. Casey Deidrick and Molly Burnett guest on Empire.

The Balkan’s identity is revealed on General Hospital. Jamey is upset at Siobhan’s betrayal of Lucky. What are her motivations? Elizabeth doesn’t like Nikolas’ new working relationship with Brook Lynn and confronts her.

Who killed Eddie Ford on One Life to Live? Was it one of his sons, his ex-wife, Nora, Clint or someone else? Viki and Dorian team up to take on Echo. Regan is enjoying Tom Degnan’s take on Joey Buchanan.

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All this and much more on today’s show!

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