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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky tells Luke that it never occurred to him that Siobhan might be lying to him. Luke wonders what the lie was, and Lucky explains about her sister Fiona’s call. Lucky wonders what Siobhan is hiding. Lucky brings up Liz’ lies and Luke tells him not to compare the two women and his relationships with them. Luke tells him to relax and think on his feet.

Sonny wonders why Jason isn’t guarding Brenda, but Carly lets him know that Jax has a gun and is ready and willing to use it. Carly admits she knows what happened in 2007 and tells him about Jerry being in her living room and willing to shoot her. Sonny tells her she won’t be saying anything, which doesn’t sit well with Carly. Sonny reminds her that Brenda was a victim and Dante saved her, and wouldn’t Carly cover up if Jason saved her. Carly admits that she would, but says she wouldn’t then turn around, give up a boy to charges of manslaughter and stand on a pedestal. Sonny admits that Dante was a hypocrite, but says that he was doing his job. Carly wants Dante to rot in prison, but Jason reminds her about the Michael factor. Sonny asks her again to keep quiet about Michael and Morgan’s brother. While Carly agrees not to say anything, she tells Sonny never to refer to Dante as M&M’s brother again.

Jax tells Brenda that he’ll deal with Jerry, but she tells him she wouldn’t be able to deal with it if he were hurt because of her.

Lucky and Luke head over to the Star, where Tracy’s waiting and wondering where Luke has been. Lucky admits that he needed his father and Luke assures Tracy that he will be there for the wedding and won’t stand her up. Tracy figures she’ll be celebrating no matter what happens.

Maxie wonders why Lulu is suspicious of Dante, because Lulu says she’s feeling insecure. Dante interrupts, asking for a date with Lulu, but Maxie tells Lulu she has work. When Lulu leaves, Maxie questions Dante’s intentions towards Lulu. Lulu returns, aware that Maxie sent her off so she could talk to Dante, and hopes she didn’t mention anything about Lulu’s insecurities.

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Theo doesn’t like the way Jerry is dealing with Siobhan, but Jerry defends his actions, saying she’s disobeyed his order of bringing Lucky to the meet. Theo says that he never ordered anything be done to Lucky. Jerry reminds Theo that he hired him to help avenge Alexander’s death and Theo admits that he believes Brenda knows what happened. Jerry questions why he doesn’t just grab Brenda, get the info and kill her, but Theo decides he’s not satisfied with Jerry’s work anymore. Jerry was supposed to make everyone think that he was the Balkan.

Siobhan finally decides she should be anywhere but with Jerry and decides to take off, but he pulls a gun on her and figures she’s a bargaining chip now. Theo, again, tells Jerry not to threaten a fellow employee. Jerry suggests a raise, and Theo says he was warned that Jerry was a traitor. Jerry asks for 10 million more or he’ll switch his allegiance to Jason and serve Theo to him on a silver platter. Theo asks what he gets for that 10 million and knows Jerry will double cross him once he’s got the money. Theo decides to terminate Jerry’s employment. Jerry is shot and falls into the water.

Theo calls a shocked Siobhan, apologizes for the unpleasantness and tells her to call Lucky and tell a version of the truth. Siobhan calls Lucky and tells him she just saw a man fall off the pier. Lucky meets with her and she tells him she came across the man, who was shot before he fell in. Lucky asks her to describe him, and she admits she thinks she’s seen him before. Lucky shows her a picture of Jerry and Siobhan identifies him.

Alexis pays Sonny a visit to discuss the lawsuit against Brante. Sonny’s ready to blow the whole thing off, but Alexis tells him the family is very serious. Sonny is surprised that it will likely go to trial. Sonny’s willing to throw money at the problem, but Alexis doesn’t think that will help and feels Sonny needs to help Brenda prepare herself for testifying. Alexis tells him not to hurt her and Sonny says he won’t give Brenda up now that he’s found her again.

Dante gets back to the penthouse and lets Brenda know that there’s a bunch of guards. She’s fine with it, because she’s so happy that she’s back together with Sonny. Dante wonders at her confidence and she’s says she’s more hopeful. He admits to being happy for her, but tells her that if she ever feels the need to tell Sonny the whole truth, he’ll back her. She tells him again that she doesn’t want to talk about the baby because it makes her so sad.

Lulu comes home to find Dante has prepared a Mexican night for them. She asks if he overheard her tell Maxie that she’s insecure about him being around Brenda and asks him to pretend he didn’t hear anything. He tells her to trust him, that he loves her.

Jason comes home and Brenda’s got cabin fever. Spinelli offers to take her for a walk, but Jason reminds him that he can’t protect a fly, and offers to take Brenda on her walk. While they’re out, Brenda drops one of her gloves and Theo happens by and gives it back to her.

Carly stops by the penthouse to see what progress Spinelli has made in his background search of Dante. Spinelli lets her know that according to Dante’s bank records, in 2007 he paid money to a family law firm and Carly wonders why Dante would have needed a family law lawyer.