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GH's Brandon Barash on Lisa: "Johnny's Always Got His Hand in The Mischief Cookie Jar"

General Hospital's Brandon Barash (Johnny)is stoked to be working with Brianna Brown (Lisa) on the sudser, as nasty Dr. Lisa's tormenting of Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) is his current fave plot on the sudser! Peep what Barash tells about Johnny helping the fruitcake with an MD:

Johnny_and_Lisa Do you think Johnny helping Lisa goes along with, or against his character?

Brandon Barash: Well, Johnny's always got his hand in the mischief cookie jar, so I think it goes right along with what his M.O. is. I think that if he felt that at any time some innocent person's life was in danger, I think he would reconsider, but I think what he's doing is par for Johnny's course.

Is romance possibly on the horizon for this unscrupulous duo? Find out what Barash has to say on that subject by reading Interview: Brandon Barash Chats About General Hospital.

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