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One Life to Live Recap: Blame It On The Mistletoe

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Marty: You’re blaming me for something you’ve done.

Natalie calls Marty, but Marty lets the phone ring. Todd arrives, accusing Marty of killing Eddie and framing him. Marty thinks Todd is projecting; he killed Eddie, but he’s blaming Marty out of guilt. Marty thinks that Todd’s own abusive upbringing informed his issues with Eddie. Todd snaps at her. Todd reveals that he’s having Marty investigated, and Marty’s outraged.

At the station, John sees mistletoe above his door, and annoyed, asks Price about its origins. It came from Natalie. John muses about the list of suspects and their respective means, motives and opportunities. John sends Price to follow up on some leads.

Natalie enters and via a gingerbread man, John asks how long he and Natalie will keep their engagement a secret. John is confused when Natalie says she needs to diffuse any possible interference first. Natalie leaves, but not before John kisses her under the mistletoe to her delight. The manager of the Minuteman Motel arrives and tells John that he saw someone leaving Eddie’s room and he can clearly identify the person.

Natalie arrives at Marty's and tells Todd to get out. Natalie has news and Marty rolls her eyes. Natalie and John are engaged. Marty thinks Natalie came to gloat, but Natalie asks her keep quiet about the baby’s paternity because she and John are happy.

Nate asks Inez if she’s sleeping with Bo. He heard the accusation from Matthew and her excuses about why Bo was visiting were lame. Inez lies, blaming Matthew’s comments on his and Nate’s bad blood. Nate isn’t sad about Eddie’s death, but he fears that Inez believes he killed Eddie; she doesn’t.

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James and Starr arrive to check on Nate and Inez. After they leave, Inez calls Clint and asks him about seeing James. Clint taunts that he wasn’t necessarily talking about James and reminds Inez that she has two other sons. John arrives and reveals that the motel manager places Nate at the scene of the crime.

Bo begins to tell Nora about his indiscretion, but his hesitation scares her. Before Bo can come clean, Clint arrives with gifts; he heard about the accident. Bo and Nora inform Clint of Nora’s kidnapping. It was done to break up their marriage, and Clint wonders who would do that. Inez is Nora’s likeliest suspect. Clint asks if Nora’s kidnapping has anything to do with Eddie’s murder, but both Bo and Nora immediately discount that theory. Bo says that kidnapping is a criminal offense, and Inez is “no criminal.”

Clint twists the proverbial knife, using Inez’s crush and Bo’s wedding vows, consuming Bo with guilt. Nora goes for tests and Clint asks what’s bothering Bo. Bo reveals that he slept with Inez, and he doesn’t remember. Clint suggests that Bo blocked out the event. Bo needs to be honest with Nora, but Clint advises Bo against the truth. Clint says it will only ease Bo’s guilt, but will hurt Nora and their marriage.

Nora is back, and she asks Bo to revisit what he wanted to talk about. Bo says that he was more upset than he realized over the texts. Nora apologizes, but Bo blames himself for not knowing better. Bo assures Nora that they are in a good place, and she pulls him into a kiss. Clint watches from the hallway and muses that Bo should keep lying because the truth will hurt that much more when it’s revealed.

Echo thanks Charlie for his support, hugging him as Viki descends the stairs. Viki asks where they were and Charlie says they were at the hospital because of Rex’s car crash. Viki is livid that Echo lied. Viki tries to tell Charlie that Echo has a drinking problem. Echo says that she’s admitted as much, and Charlie is helping her. Viki suggests rehab for a few months.

Echo goes upstairs and Viki asserts that everything Echo is doing is to get closer to Charlie. Viki warns Charlie that Echo is manipulating him. Viki fears that she’s losing Charlie, but he asks her to trust him. Echo returns and Viki promises that Echo will “need more than a Serenity Prayer” should she make trouble.

Ford and Langston flirt over his lack of pajamas before James and Starr arrive at the apartment. When Ford says with certainty that James had nothing to do with the murder, James wonders how Ford can be sure. Ford simply replies that his brother is “not a killer.” James says that he confronted Eddie. Langston questions what happened to the gun, but James is clueless. Ford tells James that he was in the ER all night, but once alone, Langston wonders why Ford lied.

When Langston returned to the hospital after gathering Ford’s belongings, Ford was gone and no one could account for his whereabouts. Ford insists he’s not guilty. John arrives and asks for Ford’s alibi, and Langston lies, telling John that she was with Ford at the hospital the entire night. When Starr and James return from Inez’s apartment, they reveal that Inez and Nate are acting weird.