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The Young and the Restless Spoilers, Plus 2011 Preview!

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Big Red attempts to strike a deal with Kevin.

Daniel: The troubled artist makes a move to help himself and his little girl.

Diane: Ms. Jenkins ponders Victor's offer to live on the ranch.

Sharon: She heads to Hawaii to locate Skye.

Deacon: Mr. Sharpe doesn't give up on winning Nikki.

Cricket: The legal eagle returns to Genoa City and once again gets involved in Ronan's saga.

2011 Spoiler tidbits

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Deacon/Nikki: Neacon's new relationship will blossom in the New Year, much to Victor's chagrin.  Look for The Black Knight to be hell bent on destroying Deacon. Watch for Victor's revenge scheme to have disastrous results.

Billy/Victoria: The couple's marriage deepens when they end up in a tough situation. Watch for the couple to find happiness later on in the year.

Kevin/Chloe: The two have a special night together on New Year's Eve. Watch for Jana to continue being a thorn in their side.

Katherine/Jill: The old rivals go to war once again all because of a man, Colin. Kay's sixth sense tells her something isn't on the up and up with Colin, but Jill disagrees. Jill believes Katherine is just being a hater.

Nick/Diane: Watch for the ex-stepson and stepmom's relationship to grow, this isn't just a roll in the hay. Nick and Diane's newfound relationship with have repercussions for others. Diane's feelings for Nick will deepen, but not enough for her to share her bed with only him...

Sharon: Her choice to exonerate Adam for Skye's "death" may result in losing Faith once again.

Other dish:

  • Look for a character to meet a fiery end.
  • One half of a supercouple will "die".
  • A beloved character will marry the Devil himself, and no, she ain't blonde!