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All My Reruns: ABC Goes Retro For The Holidays

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ABC Daytime will once again re-broadcast "classic" episodes this holiday season. Check out the schedule below:

December 23

All My Children will air Nov, 22, 2010 episode where Greenlee is found guilty of murdering David, as he strolls in the courtroom.

One Life To Live will air Oct. 22, 2010 episode featuring the warehouse standoff between Eli and town. Blair and Tea are reunited, meanwhile Destiny finds out she is Greg's daughter.

General Hospital will air Feb. 1, 2007 episode of the Metro Court being held hostage.

December 24 (Christmas Eve)

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All My Children

will air Nov. 23, 2010 episode of Greenlee being cleared for David's death.

One Life to Live

will air Oct. 25, 2010 episode of Eli blowing up the warehouse. Meanwhile Hannah keeps James prisoner.

General Hospital will air Feb. 2, 2007 episode of the Metro Court standoff continuing with "Mr. Craig" shooting Robin.

December 30

All My Children will air Nov. 29, 2010 episode where David has a showdown with Ryan resulting in Erica shooting him.

One Life to Live will air Oct. 28, 2010 episode where Cole finds out Starr and Hope aren't in the ruins of the warehouse. Hannah forces James and Starr to dig their own grave. John, Todd, Tea and Blair come face-to-face in the warehouse rubble.

General Hospital will air Feb. 16. 2007 episode where Sonny attempts to negotiate with Mr. Craig for Carly's release. Nikolas and Emily talk about getting married again.

December 31 (New Years Eve)

All My Children
will air Nov. 30, 2010 episode where Erica is hauled off to the Pine Valley P.D. Caleb and Asher bond.  Jesse and Angie bring Griffin to the hospital to operate on David.

One Life to Live will air Oct. 29, 2010 episode where Natalie realizes Marty is covering for Cole shooting Eli. James rescues Starr from Hannah.

General Hospital will air Feb. 19, 2007 episode where The Metro Court hostage situation ends with the hotel going up in flames.