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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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You are cordially invited to the wedding of: Tracey Angelica Quartermain and Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Sr.

But in true General Hospital fashion, there were other things going on today as well, with which I will start.

Dante lets Sonny know that Jerry fell in the water and is presumed dead, which makes Sonny happy because he feels Brenda is now safe. Michael arrives and he and Sonny discuss Christmas brunch. Sonny invites Dante as well, but he says he’s spending Christmas in Bensonhurst with the Falconeries. When Dante leaves, Sonny mentions to Michael about inviting Brenda to the brunch and asks if that’s okay with Michael, who’s surprised at how serious his dad and Brenda have gotten.

Carly meets with Spinelli, and lets him know that she expects him to break into the law firm to get more information about what Dante and Brenda are hiding.

Robin asks Lisa about Inez, but Lisa blows her off. Robin invites Patrick to join her and Emma for Christmas and he accepts, which seems to anger Lisa, who’s listening in. Patrick’s happy with the invite, but Robin assures him it won’t lead to a reconciliation. She just wants Emma to enjoy her parents at Christmas. Lisa leaves a message on someone’s machine and then approaches Patrick about a case. He blows her off, which again, does not make her happy.

Brenda asks Jason if he’s going to the wedding, but he says he wasn’t invited and she says he should go for Edward’s sake, considering all that Edward has lost. Sam comes by. Jason wants an evening with her and then decides to go shopping for a Christmas tree.

Lulu and Maya are concerned about Tracy, wondering why she isn’t getting ready for the wedding. Tracy’s so sure that Luke won’t show up that she doesn’t want to put on her wedding dress. Lulu insists that her father will show up and to have faith in him. Tracy heads off to get dressed.

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Ethan and Lucky are helping Luke get ready and making sure he’ll show up and be sober. Luke swears that he won’t make a run for the airport and Edward arrives, offering to drive him. As Luke is leaving, he pulls a mystery key out of his pocket.

Once at the mansion, Edward offers Luke money to leave, but Luke turns it down, which was just a test from Edward. Edward also says there will be rules for Luke living in the mansion, namely keeping his hands off of Edward's cigars and alcohol and to stop monopolizing Alice. Edward also tells him that if Luke breaks Tracy’s heart, he’ll have him to deal with.

Alice walks around, dressed like she’s going to a funeral and is worried about Mr. Luke marrying Tracy.

Carly and Jax arrive at the wedding and Jax discusses Jerry with Lucky, letting him know that there’s a part of him that hopes Jerry lived and Lucky understands the feeling.

Nikolas and Brook arrive and he apologizes to Lucky for making him uncomfortable, but Lucky assures him everything is fine.

Sonny and Brenda show up and make small talk with Lucky. Brenda spots Brook, is surprised at how grown up she is and wonders if Brook knows who she is. Brook is well aware that Brenda is her godmother. Sonny sees Carly checking out Brenda and warns her not to cause trouble, but Carly assures him that Brenda’s the one who causes the trouble and she just likes watching.

Alexis arrives, as Tracy’s lawyer, to get Luke to sign the pre-nup. When Luke balks, Edward wonders if he loves Tracy or if it was always about the money. Alexis gathers the Spencer children to convince their father and Luke seems more angry that Tracy doesn’t trust him regarding the pre-nup. Lulu tells him not to lose sight of what’s important, so Luke signs the papers. Lulu heads out to get Tracy and the men leave Luke alone. Luke heads toward the side door, key in hand.

Lucky and Ethan walk up the aisle and take their place and as the camera pans to the back of the room, I really did think Luke wasn’t going to show, but he does and joins his sons at the altar. Maya and Lulu head down the stairs and I figured, since Luke showed, that Tracy wouldn’t. I actually fast forwarded the girls coming down the stairs to get to Tracy’s appearance faster!

Tracy heads down the stairs and joins Luke, but eyes Alexis, who signals that the pre-nup has been signed. As the priest begins the ceremony, Tracy asks him to stop and insists on seeing the pre-nup. Luke angrily grabs the document and says enough is enough, tosses the mystery key to Alice (turns out it was to a getaway car) and proceeds to recite his vows.

Luke: I set a trap for you. You flipped it. You caught me. But I love you. We are perfect together. We are each other's unlikely surprise. Totally unexpected. So that's why I'm standing here in full out, unapologetic, husband mode. I love you Tracy Spanky Popsicle Quartermain. I want to call you my wife and know it's more than just another nickname.

Tracy: You brought me back to life. You gave me something to look forward to. You gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning and every night, I look forward to our next adventure. I will love you til the day I die.