General Hospital Spoilers: Edward Offers Michael ELQ!

Here’s the Scoop!

Will Brenda say yes? It takes some convincing on Sonny’s part, but Brenda and Sonny tell the guests at Luke and Tracy’s nuptials they are getting hitched. Carly of course has her opinion on the matter, which is for Sonny not to marry Brenda. Will Carly pull out the proof of the bambino Dante and Brenda shared to derail Sonny and Brenda’s engagement? Sonny tells Carly he doesn’t care what she has to say, he’s marrying the love of his life. Carly warns Sonny he won’t like what she has to tell him. Will she wait to deliver the blow when it will have the hardest strike?

News of the engagement makes its way around Port Charles. Michael tells Molly and Kristina. Diane tells Claire. Will Sonny have an issue will Claire’s decision to stay in town? That’s what she wants to know when she goes to see him. Despite wishing each other well, Claire is clearly a jilted ex-lover.


I mentioned Nikolas and Brook Lynn getting closer… The Prince realizes he may be feeling something more for his created princess. Granny Tracy is less than thrilled and tells Nikolas to stay away from her granddaughter.

Theo gets closer to Brenda… well he will be her attorney. Theo has some questions for his client to evaluate the chances of the civil suit against her seeing the inside of a court room. He’ll also have questions for Lucky about Brenda and The Balkan.

Michael is taking responsibility… for the “challenges” he’s encountered in his life. Edward likes what he sees and offers ELQ to his great-grandson. Michael isn't interested.

Lisa drugs Johnny! Her plan fails as she can’t find the syringe he’s blackmailing her with. Later, Lisa begs Johnny to end the blackmail. Ethan continues to warn Johnny to watch himself when dealing with the psycho doc.

Steven organizes a hospital sponsored ski trip. Michael gets permission to attend. Carly, is supposed to chaperone, but backs out at the last minute and sends Olivia in her place. Olivia and Steve are more than happy to be hanging out together. Cameron, Morgan, Molly, Kristina, her friend Allie and Michael are all on the trip. Matt and Maxie also join. While on the phone with Morgan, Carly hears the bus crash.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Carly and Jason race to the crash site but go the wrong way! Morgan is missing! Brenda wants Kristina and Molly to be bridesmaids. Luke plans a jewel heist on his honeymoon. Maxie does not want Lisa anywhere near Matt. Jason, Spinelli and Suzanne are all against Brenda and Sonny’s impending nuptials. The new pediatrician gets close to Robin. Molly starts to act weird. Patrick must perform emergency surgery on a crash survivor. Olivia is bad shape. Jason has questions for Siobhan.