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One Life to Live Recap: We Need A Little Christmas

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Dani: Tell them! Nate, tell them that you didn’t do this!

Dani wraps Nate’s gift, but she’s distracted by suspicions. Todd comes home, claiming that he was Christmas shopping, but neither Tea nor Dani believe him. Privately, Todd tells Tea that he confronted Marty with his suspicion of being framed, but Tea thinks his theory is nonsense. Dani overhears the mention of a cufflink, and Todd reveals that he’s a suspect in Eddie’s murder.

Todd promises that he isn’t guilty, but he did warn Eddie to steer clear of Todd’s family. Todd wants Dani to believe him, based on the progress they’ve made, and Dani relents; she trusts in Todd’s claim. Dani leaves for Nate’s.

John tells Nate and Inez that an eyewitness links Nate to the scene. John has a warrant, and Brody searches the apartment. Nate reveals that he did go to the motel because he was upset, and his idea was to get rid of Eddie in some way. Brody finds a gun as Nate mouths an apology to Inez. Dani arrives as Nate is arrested, and she begs Nate to claim innocence.

Dorian accuses Blair of shaking the presents under the tree. Jack put the box from Eli under the tree, so Blair was throwing away the key. Kelly returns from Llanfair. She didn’t reveal her feelings because she “got lemon in [her] eye.” Besides, it’s pointless; Joey’s in love. Dorian encourages the girls to enjoy the holidays, and not bother with unworthy men.

In the foyer, Kelly shows Blair a clown ornament from Joey years ago. Amused by it’s trashiness, they gave each other the same gift. Blair suggests that Aubrey may have skeletons in her closet, but hopefully not literal ones like Eli. Blair leaves for Todd’s house.

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Blair threatens to cut out Todd’s heart and serve it for dinner if he breaks the hearts of any of his children. He assures her that he’s innocent. Blair gives Tea a Christmas gift (and one for Dani). Tea asks about the box from Eli, but Blair says she didn’t open it because she “got lemon in [her] eye.” Alone, Todd and Tea wonder who would frame Todd.

Viki arrives with gifts for the kids and fills in Dorian on Rex’s car accident, how Echo lied, and using AA as an excuse to get closer to Charlie. Viki blurts that she can’t believe that anyone would use alcoholism to get what they want, but she quickly apologizes. Dorian takes no offense because she owns her past actions. Dorian considers herself “uniquely qualified” in this situation. Viki worries that Dorian’s plan will involve illegal maneuvers, but Dorian insists otherwise.

Joey and Aubrey enter Llanfair, showering Jessica with a gift for the baby, and Jess and Aubrey get acquainted. Joey, Aubrey, and Jessica go through Viki’s ornaments. Joey finds a clown ornament that was gifted to him by Kelly.

Aubrey’s phone rings and she panics when Joey answers it. No one is there, and Aubrey claims to receive many wrong number calls. Aubrey accidentally breaks the clown ornament. She retrieves a dustpan, but in the foyer, Jessica overhears Aubrey returning a cryptic phone call. Jessica leaves, and Aubrey apologizes to Joey, but he promises her that it’s time for “new memories.”

At La Boulaie, Jessica tells Kelly that she needed a break from the “sugar rush” that is Joey and Aubrey. Jessica wants to know about Kelly’s plans with Kevin, and she considers that Aubrey may be hiding something, but perhaps Jess is just an overprotective sibling. Kelly has an idea. Blair comes home and Kelly is about to confide in Blair, but instead, she tells Blair that she “got lemon in [her] eye,” and she smiles.

Natalie warns Marty that the truth will destroy John, but Marty believes that John deserves to know. Marty wallows in self-pity, explaining that she is alone for the holidays, and she’s not even able to give her granddaughter a present. Natalie feels sorry for Marty, but she begs Marty to keep the paternity secret. Natalie explains that she was in bad shape the night she slept with Brody, but Marty thinks that Natalie is “rationalizing.”

Natalie asks Marty to spare Jessica’s feelings, and Marty agrees. Quid pro quo. Marty will keep quiet if Natalie will get Cole’s sentence overturned. Natalie wants help, but she doesn’t have that kind of power. Marty wants a clean slate, but Natalie promises that Marty will lose the respect of everyone she loves were she to out Natalie so callously. The truth “won’t come from [Marty],” and Natalie is relieved. Marty throws out Nat, but alone, Marty decides that she will tell someone else Natalie’s secret and they can reveal the lie.

Joey puts up a stocking with Aubrey’s name on it. Viki and Jessica return home and interrupt a kiss. Natalie enters, hugging Joey and meeting Aubrey. Natalie tells Jessica that she received the best Christmas gift possible.