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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The wedding continues. Luke and Tracy recite their vows and exchange rings. But just before the priest pronounces them husband and wife, Tracy again asks about the pre-nup. She tries to escape but is stopped by Maya and Lulu. Brook stands up and tells Tracy to get out of her own way and take a chance. Tracy returns to the altar and they are pronounced husband and wife.

Brook apologizes to Tracy for being out of line, but Tracy accepts it. Luke thanks his sons for helping him get to the altar. Nikolas offers his congratulations. Edward congratulates the couple and offers them his blessings.

Lulu's happy the whole thing is over and Dante admits that Tracy and Luke seem well matched. Lulu says she understands her father’s nervousness and Dante promises that she won’t regret loving him.

Ethan toasts the loving couple. Lucky’s toast is that he’s happy they got it right. Lulu’s toast is how much she hated Tracy in the beginning, calling her a "stepmonster". But that she now finds Tracy special and remarkable and is honoured to call her her stepmother. Tracy hugs her.

Luke’s speech is that his life was dull and he was fine with that, since he’d lost interest, but he’s happy now. Tracy admits she’s never been happier.

Carly`s busy texting Spinelli and Jax wonders what’s so important. Siobhan tells Lucky that she’s happy for his father. Lucky finds it inspiring that you can lose your first love and find love again. Edward tells Ethan he has big plans for him and Luke warns Edward off.

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Brenda confronts Carly and asks her to come to an understanding, that she and Sonny are having Christmas brunch with Michael and Kristina and she was wondering if Carly would allow Morgan to attend. Carly tells her that it's Sonny job to ask and Brenda has no business coming between the kids. Sonny walks in as Brenda realizes she has overstepped and apologizes as Carly storms out. Sonny tells Brenda he can handle Carly and Brenda wonders why he was ever with her.

Robin and Patrick decorate their Christmas tree. Mac shows up and is upset to see Patrick there. Patrick says he understands Mac’s anger, but asks for a ceasefire for Christmas. Robin invites Mac to dinner, but then tells Mac to go to the wedding reception to hang out with Alexis. Later on, Scrubs and the beautiful Emma admire the tree before putting up their stockings.

Jason and Sam come home with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Sam heads upstairs to find a box of decorations and Molly shows up, ready to take Jason shopping for Sam’s present. Michael shows up and they all decorate the tree. Spinelli comes running in, but just as quickly heads back out, which concerns Jason, but Molly claims he’s on his way to reconcile with Maxie.

Michael’s discussing the upcoming ski trip with Molly and is interested in going, but can’t leave the state. Jason promises to see if Diane can ask the court to let him go. Molly mentions gifts again, but Jason says he already bought Sam’s gift. Sam says she’s happy as she is, since her childhood Christmases were not all that. Jason tells Michael to get his coat, they have somewhere to go.

Matt shows up at Crimson, looking for Maxie. She decides she wants to break up with him. Maxie claims she’s a horrible person to date, but Matt’s not accepting the break up. Maxie tells him to take advantage of her one moment of unselfishness, but he assures her he won’t be holding her to any impossible standards or put her on a pedestal. He knows what he’s getting with her and he’s fine with that. They kiss. He asks about the lack of a Christmas tree and she’s sad that she lost all her decorations in the fire. Matt tells her they’re going to get a tree and ornaments and make new memories and traditions.

Tracy asks Edward for a dance, while Luke asks Alice. Siobhan gets flirty with Lucky. Mac shows up and offers Luke congratulations.

Edward talks to Lila’s picture, and lets her know that Tracy seems happy at last. He hears the door open and turns, to find Jason and Michael. Jason wishes his grandfather a merry Christmas.

Spinelli shows up at the wedding, which surprises Lulu. Spin lies and says that, in the spirit of the holidays, he’s there to make amends with Dante and claims he’ll retire the "betrayer" moniker. Dante offers a handshake.

Spinelli hands Carly the papers from the law firm, which Carly reads. Carly is thrilled to find out that Brenda and Dante had a baby, and that Dante gave her full custody. Personally, I think Carly has it wrong. I think that the baby was Alexander’s and that Brenda said Dante was the father, to protect the baby from the Balkan.

Brenda and Sonny walk through Lila’s rose garden. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, tells her he’ll love her 'til the day he dies and asks her to marry him.