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Maurice Benard On GH: "I Actually Didn't Want To Do Another Soap"

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General Hospital


Maurice Benard

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chatted with

We Love Soaps

on what made him sign on with the popular sudser after his stint on

All My Children


WE LOVE SOAPS TV: In 1993 you took the role of Sonny on GH. How did that part come about? Did you want to do another soap at that point?

Maurice Benard: I actually didn't want to do another soap but I had run out of money! I was studying acting like crazy at that time. But GH came up so I went in and met with them. I didn't want to sign a long-term contract. There were two roles - Damian, a mob guy with a two year contract, and Sonny, the head of a night club which was a six month role. So, I said I liked Sonny because I liked the name and it was a short-term part.

Six months turned into seventeen years of being the smooth-talking mobster with dimples.