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One Life to Live Recap: Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

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Viki: I would say such nice things about you... even in public.

Charlie is giving Echo non-alcoholic egg nog when Echo decides to hijack Viki’s cooking. Viki is peeved; it’s her kitchen. After the turkey falls to the floor, Viki stomps outside and Dorian calls; Viki begs her to help. Dorian insists that the wheels are in motion, but she realizes that Viki needs more immediate assistance. Echo needles Viki, telling her that the turkey is clean and in the oven, and Viki mutters to herself that Dorian can begin anytime.

Dorian lights the tree in Angel Square for the public. Blair interrupts Jack telling Sam that Santa isn’t real. Rex and Gigi are surprised that Shane is already referring to Echo and Charlie as “Grandma and Grandpa.” As they leave for Llanfair, Rex sees Clint and calls him “the Grinch.” When Clint explains who Rex is, Vimal begins to loudly comment, but Clint shushes him.

Clint says hello to Kelly but doesn’t even look at Aubrey, and Aubrey is convinced that he hates her. Joey insists that his father is gruff as a means of scaring away golddiggers. Joey and Kelly exchange presents: goggles for Kelly and the clown ornament for Joey. Aubrey shows off her expensive bracelet from Joey.

Dorian hires Echo for a photo shoot that will “only take an hour.” Echo asks Charlie to come along, and Viki balks. Echo backtracks and tells Charlie to stay with the family. Clint arrives as Echo’s leaving and calls her out on her moral outrage over his lies. Echo accuses Clint of being “alone and bitter.”

Ford and James are having pizza, and James just wants to forget Christmas. They discuss Nate, and Ford thinks Nate may have snapped. Ford suggests seeing Starr, but James wants to give her space. James gives Ford a gift: a shirt of Ford’s that James stole years ago which is now three sizes too small on Ford, but he wears it anyway.

Starr tells Langston that Hope cried all the way home from Statesville. Starr wants to hide until Christmas is over, but she gets in the spirit when Langston gives her a present. Starr gifts Langston with a yoga mat to take her mind off of abstinence. They take Hope to Angel Square.

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Ford and James show up in Angel Square. Starr tells James that Hope is upset without Cole, and James offers to stay away, but Starr wants him close; James is her friend. Langston apologizes to Ford for accusing him of murder, and he insists that she can trust him. Langston comments on how good Ford is with Hope as he holds her. The fab four carol alongside other gatherers.

At La Boulaie, Jack is still trying to convince Sam that Santa isn’t real, but Sam says he’s lying. Blair threatens to rescind all of Jack’s presents. Jack tells Sam that there’s a “shrunken head” in Blair’s box from Eli, and they go outside to break it open.

Echo arrives and Dorian takes her to the roof, claiming to want pictures of Dorian in a Santa suit against the Llanview skyline. Dorian says she forgot something and goes inside, and after Echo gets too cold, she discovers that the door is locked.

Kelly comes home and explains the goggles; Blair still loves the “lemon in the eye” expression. Blair encourages Kelly to move on, but she’s shocked when Kelly says that Blair might be right; something is off with Aubrey. Dorian turns on the fire.

Freezing, Echo puts on the Santa suit as Sam and Jack spy “Santa” on the roof. Kelly hears yelling, and Dorian laughs when Kelly says it “sounds like an echo.” Jack and Sam startle “Santa”, and “Santa” falls down the chimney. Jack and Sam race into the living room and pour water on the fire to “save Santa’s life.” Everyone is shocked, but Dorian looks sheepish when Echo falls into the fireplace.

John arrives at Llanfair and teases Jessica when she calls Bree “sugarplum,” making sure Jess wasn’t calling John by that name. John presents Natalie with his mother’s ring. Natalie doesn’t want to wait anymore, so they announce their engagement to the group. Everyone cheers. Charlie offers Clint well-wishes and jokes that Clint will now have a lot of cops in the family.

Joey warns Clint to be nice to Aubrey. Jessica is touched that Aubrey bought a (Navy) seal for her and Brody’s baby. Charlie kisses Viki and she believes all is finally right. Viki is impressed when Charlie, after worrying about Echo’s return, decides to let Echo “make her own mistakes.” Brody reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Clint and Aubrey share a strange moment in the kitchen, exchanging knowing smiles. Kelly calls Rex and hires him to investigate Aubrey. Looking at Rex and Shane, Clint tells Viki he’s thinking about family.

Author's Note:  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!