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One Life to Live Spoilers: Mad Marty Prepares To Strike!

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A wedding, a few passionate kisses, and a secret exposed turn things upside down in the last week of 2010 for the citizens of Llanview. Don't forget that One Life to Live will be pre-empted on Thursday, December 30th and Friday, December 31st. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week for December 27th.

John, Natalie, Brody, and Jessica take part in Lamaze class together. Natalie complains to John about not being able to get married until spring. However, John thinks they should get married right now. Natalie makes sure he is serious and agrees to get married that night with Jessica and Brody as witnesses.


Marty gets word of the upcoming shotgun wedding and gets an idea. While Marty agreed not to tell John about the baby's true paternity, she never said anything about Jessica. Marty decides that she is going to tell Jessica the news in front of everyone at John and Natalie's wedding. On New Year's Eve, John and Natalie's wedding ceremony begins. Marty waits in the shadows for the perfect moment to set everything off. Will Marty cause major fireworks at John and Natalie's wedding?

Bo and Matthew take Nora home from the hospital. Matthew can't hold his anger in any longer and lets it slip to Bo that he knows about Inez. Nora comes in on their argument and Matthew tips his mother off about what they are fighting about. Bo, still under the belief that he was unfaithful, tells Nora that Matthew's assumption about him sleeping Inez is true. Bo begs for Nora's forgiveness. Nora is completely devastated. Nora says she can't think about forgiving Bo right now and asks him to leave. Will Bo and Nora be able to patch things up or is this the end?

Cristian thinks Layla is cheating on him with her designer boss. Cristian talks to Blair about his suspicions and Blair fills him in on her life. At midnight, the two share a kiss that lasts long than it's supposed to. Will Cristian and Blair rekindle their old flame?

Rex is starting to have doubts about taking Kelly's job to dig up dirt on Aubrey. Aubrey clues Joey in on Kelly's possible feelings for him. Aubrey gets a strange phone call and backs out of a date to work out with Joey. Aubrey high tails it out of there and Rex capitalizes on the opportunity to sneak into her room and dig around. Joey goes to work out by himself and finds Kelly there. Kelly and Joey work out together and the fire is still there between them.

Meanwhile, Aubrey can't believe her eyes when she sees something extremely unfavorable in a foreign magazine and quickly destroys it before Joey can look at it. Aubrey returns to her hotel room and Rex almost doesn't get out of her room in time. Rex makes it out fine and tells Kelly he heard Aubrey make a mysterious phone call. Kelly gets a copy of the magazine that Aubrey didn't want Joey to see. Aubrey sees Kelly with the magazine and fakes an illness to distract everyone, so she can grab the magazine. Aubrey's plan works like a charm and she takes the magazine. She heads back to her hotel room and a man shows up and pulls her into a passionate kiss. Alone, Joey gives Kelly a friendly New Year's Eve hug, but the two lock eyes as the year comes to a close. Will Kelly find a way to get Joey away from Aubrey?

Behind closed doors, Clint feels guilty for causing Viki's marital problems because he switched Rex's paternity results. Clint goes to see Viki to try and make up for it by asking her to help him talk Joey out of marrying Aubrey. Will Viki team up with Clint?

The holidays are making Starr miss Cole more than usual. Langston can see this and decides to call off a date with Ford to stay with Starr. Langston and Starr decide to visit Dani and Nate and run into Ford and James. Dani gets Starr to agree to go to a New Year's Eve party with James and the rest of the crew. When the clock hits 12am, Starr and James kiss. Ford and Langston kiss as well and Ford milks the kiss for all it's worth. Will James and Starr turn their New Year's kiss into more?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (January 3rd):

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