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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sharon vs. A Volcano?!

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She heads to Hawaii after she gets a lead that Skye's perfume was delivered to the island. Sharon fills Nick in, but he doesn't seem to care since she decided to do the sheet shuffle with Adam. Nick tells Victor about Sharon's adventures and The Black Knight decides to head to the island paradise to block her from finding Skye. Once in Hawaii, Sharon gets a tip from the post office on Skye's possible whereabouts and attempts to get some information.

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Meanwhile, Victor tries to track Skye down but she's missing. Skye has decided to go hiking at night on a volcano (Yes a VOLCANO!). Sharon learns of Skye's location and decides to hire a guide to find her and the two Mrs. Newman's spot each other. The guide disappears when the volcano erupts and Victor helplessly looks on. Watch for Sharon to shun Victor when dust settles (no pun intended) when she finds out what he has done.

Jana/Daisy: Ms. Hawkes strikes a deal with Daisy to fork over baby Romalotti and she'll blame the kidnapping all on Sarah. Daisy agrees and tells Genoa City's finest it was all her Aunt Sarah's doing. Meanwhile, Jana continues with her plan to win Kevin back by cooking his favorite dishes. Kevin regrets their one-night stand and just wants to put it behind him. Later, Daisy keeps on with her quest for Daniel to realize he will want to keep their baby girl once she arrives. Daniel shuts her down and sticks to his guns on giving up their daughter.

Later, Jana arrives posing as a delivery girl for the pizza Daisy orders. The two pass each other notes and Jana informs Daisy to stick to their deal. Phyllis tells Daniel she wants to adopt his child and he lets her know he doesn't want her or Kevin to raise his child period. Daniel still believes his baby can get a better home elsewhere. Phyllis decides to take matters into her own hands. She contacts Kevin and fills him in on Daniel's decision. Phyllis recommends that she and Kevin partner up, with him backing her play to adopt her grandchild. Kevin decides to mull on her proposition. Later, Daisy goes into labor and must decide to choose Jana's plan or pick another option.

The artist frantically tries to locate Daisy.

Jana: Jana's schemes to snare Kevin get extreme.

Nick: The Newman heir is hell bent on keeping his family safe.

Heather: Ms. Stevens ponders if Ronan is keeping more secrets from her.

Cane: The Aussie continues to  hide the truth by any means necessary.