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Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Plus 2011 Tidbits!

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The DiMera heir decides to pop the question to Nicole once again after he sees how much she genuinely cares for his kids. Also, EJ is motivated by sticking it to Sami after watching his two exes go to war at the hospital.

EJ also lets Nicole know she must cut Brady off since he doesn't trust Mr. Black. Nicole agrees and heads off to find Brady to end things. Meanwhile, as Nicole is talking to Brady, Vivian shows EJ photos of the two having sex! Later, Nicole shows both EJ and Stefano how she can be trusted.

Victor/Maggie: The pair becomes closer due to their worry over Bo and Hope.

The two start their scheme to take Vivian down.

Jennifer: She tries to get close to Warden Jane.

Caroline: Ma Brady pleads with Kayla to keep Stephanie away from Salem.

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Nathan: He finds out Philip stepped out on Melanie. Nathan gives Melanie a shoulder to lean on.

Chloe: The songbird allows Philip to hold Parker.

Daniel: Dr. Jonas informs Chloe she and baby Parker must leave.

EJ: He presents Nicole with a gift, a tracking bracelet!

2011 Spoiler tidbits

Hope/Bo/Carly/Ben/Jennifer: Brady and Fancy Face take off for another adventure while on the lam. Meanwhile, Jennifer starts to figure out Dr. Ben isn't all what he's cracked up to be and teams up with Carly to dig up some dirt. The two find out what is really going down in the prison. Keep an eye on a situation that causes Jennifer to be placed in harms way.

Daniel/Chloe/Philip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: Chloe goes all out to get Daniel back but as we know, her plans don't pan out as she'd like them to. Melanie is devastated over Philip's betrayal, but doesn't have time to process it all when she finds out she's pregnant. Nathan learns of Stephanie's hand in the DNA swap and breaks their engagement. Will this mean Nathan will run back to Melanie?

EJ/Sami/Rafe/Nicole/Taylor: EJ starts to soften his stance on keeping his children away from Sami courtesy of little Johnny and Nicole's sister, Taylor. Watch for Taylor to play a part in causing EJ to change for the better. EJ and Taylor spend some time together causing sparks to fly. What will Nicole think of her baby sister spending time with her ex? Rafe gets involved in a car accident, resulting in a huge fallout. What will this mean for his relationship with Sami?

Brady/Vivian/Kate: Brady will embrace his dark side and steal Titan. He and Kate are not going to let Vivian get off the hook. The two cause Madam Alamain and her henchman Gus to be stuck on an island. Brady and Kate's joys of Vivian being gone are dashed when in a true move of her ex- Stefano, she returns to face another day.

Stefano: The Phoenix is once again up to his old dirty tricks. Stefano is hell-bent on revenge and protecting his own.

Will/Gabi/Chad/Abby: Watch for Will and Gabi's romance to start while Chad and Abby are brought into the fold.