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One Life to Live Recap: History Repeating

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Matthew: What are you gonna do? Replace me with another kid? Kinda like you replaced mom with another woman.

Bo and Matthew bring Nora home from the hospital. Nora wants to focus on finding the driver who ran her and Rex off the road. Matthew is nervous when Nora mentions that she and Rex were on Route 7, and even more so when Nora reveals that she saw a “glow” in the other vehicle right before the accident; a cell phone, perhaps?

Bo and Nora discuss tracing calls made between nearby towers and matching tire treads, but Matthew thinks that not all crimes can be solved. Bo didn’t know that Nora had been kidnapped and Matthew accuses Bo attending to another “damsel in distress” instead. Overwhelmed by Matthew’s attitude, Nora decides to take a bath. Bo offers to help, and Matthew accuses him of “laying it on a little thick.”

Alone, Bo slams Matthew for his incessant attitude.  However, Bo’s heart sinks when Matthew reveals that he saw Bo with Inez. Matthew thinks Bo is undeserving of the Buchanan name, and overhearing, Nora yells at Matthew. Bo hasn’t done anything wrong, but Matthew drops the bomb before storming out: Bo cheated with Inez. Knowing something is wrong when Bo stays silent, Nora rambles more and more desperately about Matthew’s “Mr. Hyde” persona. Finally, Bo confirms Matthew’s accusation leaving Nora stunned.

Destiny runs into Clint in the park and asks him to use his power to clear Nate. In order to shoot Eddie, a person would have to be “cold-hearted” and that’s not Nate. Destiny is also concerned about Matthew, but she remains vague, saying that he’s under pressure with school and work. Inez arrives and Destiny requests that Inez give Nate her regards.

Inez is only doing Clint’s bidding because he coerced her. With Eddie dead, Inez believes that she doesn’t have a “single reason not to tell” the truth. Clint insists that a “Delgado defense” isn’t cheap and that beneficial evidence could easily disappear. Clint will pay for Nate’s defense so long as Inez continues with their plan. Inez cries.

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Darren shows up at the park with a personal gift for Destiny: Richard (Her father). Destiny feels ambushed, but Richard insists that she can’t keep living with Shaun. Destiny snaps at Darren, but Richard says that Darren cares about Destiny as he and Phylicia do. Before leaving, Richard promises Destiny that he won’t give up on her. Destiny slaps Darren.

Darren understands that Destiny is hurt and angry, but he’s come to realize that she’s no longer the girl for whom he fell. As Darren walks away, Destiny asks if he’s breaking up with her. A comforting hand squeezes Destiny’s shoulder; it’s Matthew. They commiserate over everything being wrong.

At Lamaze class, Jessica teaches Brody and Natalie how to breathe. Vivian spots John outside the door and orders him to turn off his phone. Vivian pulls Natalie off to the side, concerned about all of the stress she’s under, but Natalie has it under control. The group discusses relaxation and Natalie laughs that work relaxes John. Vivian corrects John’s techniques; John “hate[s] her.”

Jessica thinks Brody is wired, but he’s just so excited. Knowing John, Natalie guesses that the soothing environment he’s describing is a jail cell. Natalie has a stressful fantasy of Brody with her in the delivery room. After class, Nat offers to assist Jess with wedding preparations. She hasn’t thought about her own wedding yet, but John has. John wants to be married before the baby arrives and he suggests that they marry “now.”

At the gym, “pushy” Kelly berates Rex for not digging up dirt on Aubrey yet. When Rex can’t take the case, Kelly lets the weight bar crush him. Rex says that Joey and Aubrey are in love and it’s wrong of Kelly to meddle. Kelly can’t shake her bad feeling, but she says that if Rex gives the case the “full Balsom treatment” for one day and comes up empty, she’ll let it go.

Aubrey drags Joey out of bed, insisting they “rejoin society”. They decide to go to the gym, but Aubrey frets about Joey’s family. Aubrey thinks that even Viki is planning to “get [her] out,” and she’s surprised when she realizes Viki is there. Aubrey’s relieved when Viki wants to get to know her and have a dinner party, inviting anyone they like. Joey will invite Kelly.

Aubrey gives Viki and Joey time alone, and Viki suggests that Joey rethink inviting Kelly because “Kelly adores [him].” Aubrey eavesdrops, but she’s pleased when Joey says that Kelly can’t have him because he’s taken. Aubrey receives an upsetting phone call, but lies, telling Joey she’s speaking to the florist. Aubrey stays on the phone as Joey leaves for the gym.

Later, Kelly is directing her frustration on the punching bags when Joey arrives and wonders what’s wrong. Aubrey leaves to meet Joey as Rex breaks into her empty room.