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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante dreams about three years ago, when he told Brenda he’d help her with the baby because he loves her and she kissed him. When he wakes up, he lies to Lulu about his dream.

Theo discusses the case with Brenda, letting her know that he’ll be defending her and Dante and that the prospects of keeping her off the stand look bleak. Brenda says she was defending a cop, but Theo feels she’ll get poor treatment because she’s a celebrity. When Jason comes home, Brenda leaves and he and Theo discuss the case and how fragile Brenda is and that she’ll fall apart if put on the stand.

Brenda runs into Dante on the street. They talk about the baby again and he tells her that he’ll go with whatever decision she makes regarding letting Sonny know the truth. Dante admits that he could have protected Michael, but made a judgement call and it was the wrong choice.

Carly tells Sonny that Brenda is a liar and she won’t make him happy. Sonny claims that she won’t stop him from marrying Brenda. Carly feels the relationship will fall apart and Sonny will go cuckoo and lets him know he has bad taste in women. Sonny feels that she’s jealous of all the women he’s been with and tells her that if she interferes in his marriage, she will be sorry.

Lisa shows up at Johnny’s to change his bandage and give him antibiotics and painkillers. I find it hilarious that Johnny’s the only one in this town whose wounds don’t heal overnight. Johnny says he didn’t ask for painkillers and wonders if she’s trying to poison him. He brings up what she tried to do to Robin, but Lisa says she was defending herself against a witchhunt and that she’ll be there when Patrick realizes what he’s missing. Johnny pretends to fall asleep and Lisa searches the apartment for the syringe. Johnny shows her that he has the syringe.

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Michael stops by Sonny’s and tells him to make Dante his best man. They small talk about how excited Molly and Kristina will be when they find out someone is getting married. Michael wonders if Carly will be invited and Sonny says he wants everyone there, even though he knows how Carly feels about Brenda.

Kristina and Molly discuss Alexis and Mac’s nonexistent dating and how thrilled they are about it. They discuss the upcoming ski trip and Molly wonders if they should cancel the trip to focus on Alexis and Mac, but Kristina says she’s looking forward to the trip. Michael stops by to let the girls know the news about Sonny (because apparently father of the year couldn’t bother to call his daughter and let her know himself). Michael says he’s going on the ski trip as well.

Spinelli catches Diane talking to herself and lets her know that he’s gotten some information about someone that could cause some serious damage. Diane tells him not to tell Jason, since he has his hands full already.

Claire stops by Diane’s office to ask about joining the firm again. Diane tells her that Sonny and Brenda got engaged. Claire brushes it off, saying it was inevitable and claims she’s fine working with Sonny, adding that if it becomes too much, she’ll work with other clients.

Claire stops by Sonny’s to offer congratulations. He’s sorry to have hurt her, but she lets him know she’s thinking of staying in town and working with Diane.

Brenda comes home, happy about her lot in life and wants to thank Jason for dragging her back to PC. She hugs Jason and then tells him about her meeting with Dante and how he congratulated her and figures she and Sonny are not doomed this time around.

Spinelli meets with Carly, saying he has second thoughts and reminds Carly that disclosing the secret will cause pain to Sonny and the kids, but mother of the year doesn’t give a crap about her kids. She feels they need to know the truth and she’s not afraid to do it, but wonders when’s the best time to mess up her kids once again.

Theo’s talking to one of his henchmen, telling him he wants a report on Brenda. Henchman wonders why he didn’t just take her out, but Theo doesn’t want to kill Brenda until he gets the information he needs.