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One Life to Live Recap: 1999

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Nora: How long did it take you to forgive me, Bo? A decade? It took you ten years to forgive me. How long is it supposed to take for me to forgive you? I don’t know.

Bo tells Nora that he slept with Inez and she runs into the bathroom to throw up. Nora is devastated that Bo was sleeping with Inez while Nora was being molested by Eddie. Nora panics when she thinks the tryst happened in their bed, but Bo corrects her. Bo tries to justify his behavior, but Nora wonders why he couldn’t see through the texts. Nora thinks that it was payback for Sam, and she congratulates Bo on hurting her.

That was never Bo’s intention, but Nora wants to know why he kept Inez working for him even after Nora made her concerns known. Bo is abashed when Nora says that he made her feel like a “crazy, jealous fool,” and yet she was right all along. When Bo begins to defend Inez, Nora explodes. Nora is shocked that Bo thinks the timing of everything is just a coincidence, and Bo finally admits that Nora is the true victim, not Inez.

Bo is remorseful that he betrayed Nora and their marriage, but he promises that it will never happen again and he asks for forgiveness. Nora can’t trust Bo; he only told the truth because he was forced to... by their son, no less. Bo believes that they are strong enough to survive, but Nora is skeptical. It took Bo ages to forgive Nora, but he wants forgiveness now? Nora is shattered and asks Bo to leave. Bo impresses upon Nora how sorry he is, how much he loves her, and how he won’t give up. Nora collapses on the chair in sobs.

John wants to get married tonight; yes! A marriage license has a waiting period, but Brody proposes that they get a waiver from a judge. Natalie and John ask Jessica and Brody to be their Maid of Honor and Best Man, respectively. Brody and John race off, but John stops to speak to Marty.

John says that he has news; he and Natalie are getting married. Marty offers John a congratulatory hug as Natalie looks on. Natalie ambushes Marty, who says that she didn’t break her promise. Privately, Jessica is impressed by Marty’s graciousness. Jessica assures Marty that she’s available should Marty ever need her. Alone, Marty decides that Jessica will be the person to whom Marty will reveal the truth.

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Clint surprises Viki at Llanfair. He’s there to strategize about ousting Aubrey from Joey’s life and away from the family fortune. Viki insists that none of their children listen to either one of them. Viki stresses that if Joey is making a mistake, it’s his to make, and any interference from Clint will only result in further alienation.

Viki believes that no interloper can break up two people who are really in love. Viki gripes about Echo, and Viki also feels badly for Nora, that Nora has had to endure Inez’s presence along with being terrorized by Eddie. Viki doesn’t think that Eddie’s actions make sense. Clint claims to hope for Bo and Nora’s survival, and Viki is pleased; she worried that Clint would hold a grudge.

Clint offers to “get rid of [Echo].” Viki doesn’t like the implication, but Clint says it’s just an expression. Viki reveals that she has “someone” looking into Echo, but she refuses to say more. Viki hates that Echo will be in her life forever, and Clint is sorry about that.

Natalie comes home, divulging that she and John are getting married tonight in a private ceremony. Natalie feels badly that Viki and Clint are upset, but Clint is happy for her. Viki gives Natalie earrings belonging to Nat’s grandma. Brody and John return. Everyone beams as John says that he got the waiver and Judge Runyon also will perform the ceremony.

Clint spies Bo in The Palace lobby, and Bo reveals that Nora evicted him and was most hurt by the lie. Clint insists that Bo stay at the mansion. Nora picks up her wedding picture and after brief hesitation, she drops it in the wastebasket. She sinks to the floor, alone in the dark.

Aubrey goes to the gift shop to purchase a French magazine, but freaks when she sees a picture of herself and another man. Aubrey wants to buy every copy, but the clerk informs her that one was sold.

Rex is searching Aubrey’s room. He gets distracted by lingerie and intimate pictures taken by Joey. Aubrey returns and Rex hides under the bed. He eavesdrops on her phone call wherein she claims to have “destroyed all copies but one.” When she goes to shower, Rex sneaks out.

Cristian arrives at the gym, fuming over an intimate photo of Layla and her boss in a French magazine. Kelly offers to translate the caption. Kelly eventually trails off, claiming that her French is “rusty.” Kelly tells Joey that it’s a terrible thing when a fiancée is hiding something. Cristian is yelling at Layla over the phone as Joey accuses Kelly of being cynical. Rex arrives and informs Kelly about what he overheard in Aubrey’s room. Kelly decides to keep Cris’ magazine.