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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin and Liz discuss their Christmas with the kids. Liz asks about her New Year's Eve plans and Robin mentions that Patrick will be with her as they are trying to make things work.

Carly asks Olivia to take her place as chaperone on the hospital ski trip, saying she wants extra time with Jax. They discuss Brenda and Sonny and Olivia claims to be happy for him.

Carly lets Jax know that they’ll have a couple of days of alone time. He wonders about her timing and she tells him that she knows he’s not happy about BraSon's engagement. Jax says he feels sad for Brenda, that he can't save her and she’ll be hurt, no matter what happens. Carly feels that Brenda will live with the consequences of her actions.

Michael runs into Abby and she asks him on a date. He agrees and is about to cancel his ski trip. Molly and Kristina show up and Kristina tries to push Allie onto Michael. When Abby finds out Michael's plans, she pushes him to go and promises to redo their date at a later time.

Steven is in charge of the hospital ski trip, and plans on bringing Cameron and teaching him to ski. Matt asks Maxie to join him on the trip. Olivia and Morgan show up, ready for the trip and Steve offers to help teach Olivia as well.

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Maxie tells Robin that she feels selfish going on a fun trip with Matt when she should be helping Mac house hunt, but Robin pushes her to go. Patrick tells Matt that he and Robin are taking things slow because Robin needs to trust him again.

Jason questions why Spinelli showed up at Lacey’s wedding and Spin claims to have wanted peace with Dante, but when Jason pushes, Spinelli claims to be upset by BraSon's engagement. Jason tells him not to let Brenda know that he feels the marriage is a mistake. Jason feels Brenda and Sonny make their own choices, and he’s more concerned about Jerry, because he doesn’t believe he’s dead.

Theo stops by the PCPD to discuss Brenda and Dante’s case with Lucky. He requests all information about the Balkan, including stuff on Ronan O'Reilly and Lucky questions who that is. Lucky says Brenda acted in defence of herself and Dante and says to speak with Dante, but Theo feels Dante is biased. They discuss Jerry and Lucky mentions that no body has been found, but he will forward the entire case file to Theo.

Lucky shows up at Jason’s to get him up to speed and they discuss the similarities of both of Brenda’s shootings. Jason admits she’s going to lose it on the stand if she’s called. Talk comes around to Jerry and Jason says he doesn’t believe that Jerry is dead. He finds it convenient that Siobhan happened to come across him as he was shot.

Ethan shows up at Johnny’s, who tells him about Lisa giving him medication and looking for the syringe. Ethan, again, warns Johnny to be careful or Lisa will kill him, and that he shouldn’t take risks with psychos. When Lisa shows up to change Johnny’s band aid, Ethan lets her know that the syringe has been moved and is no longer in the apartment and warns her not to go after him. After Ethan leaves, Lisa tells Johnny she just wants to be left alone and call things even. Johnny wonders why she wants to keep chasing after Patrick since he appreciates her finer qualities, but she tells him to get over that fantasy.

Others show up at the hospital for the ski trip. Kristina tells Allie that Michael isn’t coming, and Allie admits that she doesn’t care, since she’s interested in someone else anyway. Michael shows up and is fine with being Allie's friend only. Alexis says good bye to her girls, as does Liz to Cameron. The group, led by Steven, get onto the bus and head out. Everyone makes small talk. Olivia gets Steven to sing Halleluiah.

Alexis runs into Theo, who asks her for lunch to pick her brain about the Brenda and Dante case. She tells him her connection to Sonny, which he already knew from Diane. Theo wonders how close Sonny, Brenda and Dante are, and Alexis lets him know that Sonny will likely blame him if things don’t go the right way.

Lisa asks Patrick for some time to discuss a case, but he blows her off. Liz mentions how she already misses Cam, and Robin mentions how she missed Emma while in Africa, which makes Patrick uncomfortable.

Jason stops by to talk to Carly and wonders what she’s up to when she claims she won’t do anything to stop BraSon's wedding. Carly gets a call from Morgan, letting her know that he’s having fun. While on the phone, the bus crashes and Carly hears it. Everyone on the bus is strewn around, injured.